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hal-00518752v1  Conference papers
Emanuel RadoiAndré Quinquis. Radar detection rpediction in K-distributed sea clutter using pade approximation technique
European Conference on Propagation and Systems, address = Brest, France, year = 2005, month = 15-18 March, pdf = 1, nat = 0,, 2005, France. pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518773v1  Journal articles
André QuinquisEmanuel RadoiFelix Totir. Some Radar Imagery Results Using Superresolution Techniques
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2004, pp.Non renseigne
hal-00106230v1  Conference papers
Nathalie Julien. Conception faible consommation
Ecole thématique Architecture des systèmes matériels enfouis et méthodes de conception associées, ARCHI'03, 2003, Roscoff, France
hal-00518898v1  Journal articles
Cg PuntonetAli Mansour. Blind Separation of Sources using density estimation and simulated annealing
IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences, Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers, 2001, pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518891v1  Conference papers
Ali MansourM. KawamotoN. Ohnishi. A survey of the performance indexes of ICA algorithms
21st IASTED International Conference on Modelling, Identification and Control (MIC), pages = 660-666, address = Innsbruck, Austria, year = 2002, month = 18-21 February, pdf = 1, nat = 0,, 2002, France. pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518844v1  Conference papers
Emanuel RadoiBrigitte HoeltzenerFabrice Pellen. Improving the Radar Target Classification Results by Decision Fusion
RADAR 2003, address = Adelaide, Austria, year = 2003, month = September, nat = 0, keyword = FAD,, 2003, France. pp.Non renseigne
hal-00518848v1  Conference papers
Emanuel RadoiAndré QuinquisP. Saulais. Analysis and Simulation of Sea Clutter at High Range Resolution and Low Grazing Angles
IGARSS 2003, address = Toulouse, France, year = 2003, month = July, nat = 0,, 2003, France. pp.Non renseigne
hal-00995885v1  Journal articles
Ballet PascalAbdallah ZemirlineLionel Marce. The BioDyn Language and Simulator. Application to an immune response and E. coli and phage interaction
Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry, Basel, Switzerland : Collegium Basilea (Institute of Advanced Study) ; Tbilisi : Association of Modern Scientific Investigation (AMSI), 2004, 4 (2), pp.93-101
hal-00106246v1  Conference papers
Nathalie Julien. approche logicielle de la consommation dans les systèmes embarqués
Congrès international de Signaux, Circuits et Systèmes, SCS2004, Mar 2004, Monastir, Tunisia
hal-00518904v1  Conference papers
M. KawamotoY. InouyeAli MansourR. Liu. Blind Deconvolution Algorithms for MIMO-FIR Systems Driven by Fourth-order Colored Signals
Third International workshop on Independent Component Analysis and Blind Signal Separation (ICA), pages = 692-697, address = San Diego, California, USA, year = 2001, month = 9-12 December, pdf = 1, nat = 0,, 2001, France. pp.Non renseigne
hal-00008501v1  Conference papers
Gwenole CorreNathalie JulienEric SennEric Martin. A Memory Aware High Level Synthesis Tool
ISVLSI 2004, 2004, Tempa (florida), United States
hal-00089488v1  Journal articles
Jean-Philippe DiguetOlivier SentieysDaniel Chillet. A Framework for High Level Estimations of Signal Processing VLSI Implementations
Journal of VLSI Signal Processing Systems for Signal, Image, and Video Technology, Springer, 2000, Vol.25 No.3, pp.261 - 284. ⟨10.1023/A:1008191708726⟩
hal-00802617v1  Conference papers
Barros Alan KardecAli MansourOhnishi Noboru. Adaptive blind elimination of artifacts in ECG signals
International ICSC Workshop on Independence & Artificial Neural Networks 98, Feb 1998, Tenerife, Spain