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cel-01839113v1  Lectures
Bahloul Rachid. Eléments de logique
École thématique. Maroc. 2018
hal-01548686v1  Conference papers
Bahloul Rachid. Periodic solutions of partial degenerate differential equations with n delay
1st Worshop on Advances in Evolution and Continuum Mechanics (AEPCM'17), May 2017, Fez, Morocco
hal-01556291v1  Conference papers
Bahloul RachidEzzinbi KhalilSidki Omar. Periodic solutions of abstract neutral functional differential equations and applications
CIMPA & Workshop, EDPs Non Linéaires et Applications: Etude Théorique et Numérique, May 2014, Tanger, Morocco
hal-01545655v1  Poster communications
Bahloul Rachid. Existence and uniqueness of periodic solutions of integro-differential equations with two variable in vector valued spqces
Conference on Numerics and Mathematical Analysis for Singularities and Eigenvalue Problems, Feb 2017, Rennes, France