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inria-00385608v2  Journal articles
Andreas EngeFrançois Morain. Generalised Weber Functions
Acta Arithmetica, Instytut Matematyczny PAN, 2014, 164 (4), pp.309-341. ⟨10.4064/aa164-4-1⟩
hal-00767404v2  Journal articles
Andreas Enge. Bilinear pairings on elliptic curves
L'Enseignement Mathématique , Zürich International Mathematical Society Publishing House, 2015, 61 (2), pp.211-243
hal-03053781v1  Journal articles
Andreas Enge. [Re] Volume computation for polytopes: Vingt ans après
The ReScience journal, GitHub, 2020, 6 (1), pp.#17. ⟨10.5281/zenodo.4242972⟩
hal-00764963v1  Book sections
Andreas Enge. Elliptic curve cryptographic systems
Gary L. Mullen and Daniel Panario. Handbook of Finite Fields, Chapman and Hall/CRC, pp.784-796, 2013, Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, 9781439873786
inria-00143084v2  Journal articles
Andreas Enge. Computing modular polynomials in quasi-linear time
Mathematics of Computation, American Mathematical Society, 2009, 78 (267), pp.1809-1824
hal-00823745v2  Journal articles
Andreas EngeEmmanuel Thomé. Computing class polynomials for abelian surfaces
Experimental Mathematics, Taylor & Francis, 2014, 23 (2), pp.129-145. ⟨10.1080/10586458.2013.878675⟩
hal-01034213v1  Conference papers
Andreas EngeJérôme Milan. Implementing cryptographic pairings at standard security levels
Security, Privacy, and Applied Cryptography Engineering, Oct 2014, Pune, India. pp.28-46, ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-12060-7_3⟩
inria-00386311v1  Journal articles
Régis DupontAndreas Enge. Provably Secure Non-Interactive Key Distribution Based on Pairings
Discrete Applied Mathematics, Elsevier, 2006, 154 (2), pp.270-276
inria-00429093v1  Journal articles
Andreas Enge. Komplexe Multiplikation: von numerisch bis symbolisch
Computer-Algebra-Rundbrief, Fachgruppe Computeralgebra, 2009, 45, pp.13-17
inria-00448729v2  Conference papers
Andreas EngeAndrew V. Sutherland. Class invariants by the CRT method
Ninth Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium ANTS-IX, Jul 2010, Nancy, France. pp.142-156, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-14518-6_14⟩
inria-00386309v1  Journal articles
Andreas EngeReinhard Schertz. Modular Curves of Composite Level
Acta Arithmetica, Instytut Matematyczny PAN, 2005, 118 (2), pp.129-141
tel-00505980v1  Theses
Andreas Enge. Hyperelliptic Cryptosystems – Efficiency and Subexponential Attacks
Mathematics [math]. Universität Augsburg, 2000. English
inria-00001040v3  Journal articles
Andreas Enge. The complexity of class polynomial computation via floating point approximations
Mathematics of Computation, American Mathematical Society, 2009, 78 (266), pp.1089-1107
inria-00201090v1  Conference papers
Andreas Enge. Discrete logarithms in curves over finite fields
Eighth International Conference on Finite Fields and Applications - Fq8, Jul 2007, Melbourne, Australia. pp.119-139
inria-00246115v1  Conference papers
Juliana BeldingReinier BrökerAndreas EngeKristin Lauter. Computing Hilbert Class Polynomials
ANTS-VIII - Eighth Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium, May 2008, Banff, Canada. pp.282-295
hal-01355926v2  Journal articles
Andreas EngeWilliam HartFredrik Johansson. Short addition sequences for theta functions
Journal of Integer Sequences, University of Waterloo, 2018, 18 (2), pp.1-34
hal-03029034v1  Book sections
Benno BüelerAndreas EngeKomei Fukuda. Exact Volume Computation for Polytopes: A Practical Study
Polytopes — Combinatorics and Computation, Birkhäuser Basel, pp.131-154, 2000, ⟨10.1007/978-3-0348-8438-9_6⟩
inria-00386299v1  Journal articles
Régis DupontAndreas EngeFrançois Morain. Building curves with arbitrary small MOV degree over finite prime fields
Journal of Cryptology, Springer Verlag, 2005, 18 (2), pp.79-89
hal-00768375v2  Journal articles
Andreas EngeReinhard Schertz. Singular values of multiple eta-quotients for ramified primes
LMS Journal of Computation and Mathematics, London Mathematical Society, 2013, 16, pp.407-418. ⟨10.1112/S146115701300020X⟩
tel-00382535v1  Habilitation à diriger des recherches
Andreas Enge. Courbes Algébriques et Cryptologie
Mathématiques [math]. Université Paris-Diderot - Paris VII, 2007