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hal-00712152v1  Journal articles
Sylvain DurandJacques Froment. Reconstruction of wavelet coefficients using Total Variation minimization
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2003, 24 (5), pp.1754-1767
hal-02905753v2  Journal articles
Jean-Claude FortThierry KleinAgnès Lagnoux. Global sensitivity analysis and Wasserstein spaces
SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification, ASA, American Statistical Association, 2021, 9 (2), ⟨10.1137/20M1354957⟩
hal-00741466v1  Journal articles
Jérôme DedeckerFlorence MerlevèdeFrançoise Pene. Empirical central limit theorems for ergodic automorphisms of the torus
ALEA : Latin American Journal of Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada, 2013, 10 (2), pp.731-766
hal-00857440v1  Conference papers
Claire CuryJoan Alexis GlaunèsOlivier Colliot. Template Estimation for Large Database: A Diffeomorphic Iterative Centroid Method Using Currents
GSI 2013 - First International Conference Geometric Science of Information, Aug 2013, Paris, France. pp.103-111, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-40020-9_10⟩
hal-01062378v1  Conference papers
Mathieu FauvelCharles BouveyronStéphane Girard. Parsimonious Gaussian Process Models for the Classification of Multivariate Remote Sensing Images
ICASSP 2014 - IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, May 2014, Florence, Italy. pp.2913-2916, ⟨10.1109/ICASSP.2014.6854133⟩
hal-00599714v1  Journal articles
Olivier BouazizFabienne ComteAgathe Guilloux. Nonparametric estimation of the intensity function of a recurrent event process
Statistica Sinica, Taipei : Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica, 2013, 23 (2), pp.635-665. ⟨10.5705/ss.2011.137⟩
hal-00942660v1  Book sections
Farid BeninelChristophe BiernackiCharles BouveyronJulien JacquesAlexandre Lourme. PARAMETRIC LINK MODELS FOR KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER IN STATISTICAL LEARNING
Dragan Ilic. Knowledge Transfer: Practices, Types and Challenges, Nova Publishers, 2012
hal-00759922v1  Journal articles
Jean-Marc AzaïsJean-Claude Fort. Remark on the finite-dimensional character of certain results of functional statistics
Comptes Rendus. Mathématique, Académie des sciences (Paris), 2013, 351 (3-4), p. 139-141. ⟨10.1016/j.crma.2013.02.004⟩
hal-01129984v1  Journal articles
Laurent ChupinSébastien Martin. Viscoelastic flows in a rough channel: a multiscale analysis
Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré (C) Non Linear Analysis, Elsevier, 2016
hal-01902765v1  Directions of work or proceedings
Francois DunlopThierry GobronEllen Saada. Inhomogeneous Random Systems 2015, 2016: Random interface models; Random tilings and surfaces; Phase transitions in percolation-type models; Polymers, interfaces and self-interacting random-walks. Markov Processes and Related Fields, Volume 24, Number 3, 2018
Inhomogeneous Random Systems, January 27-28, 2015 and January 26-27, 2016, Paris, France. Markov Processes And Related Fields, 24 (3), Polymat Publishing Company, 367-537 (170 p.), 2018, Markov Processes and Related Fields
hal-00179439v1  Conference papers
Marie KratzMiguel AtenciaGonzalo Joya. Stochastic analysis of the Abe formulation of Hopfield networks.
European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, Apr 2005, Bruges, Belgium
hal-00087017v1  Journal articles
Romain AbrahamJean-Stephane DhersinBernard ycart. Strong convergence for urn models with reducible replacement policy
Journal of Applied Probability, Cambridge University press, 2007, 44 (3), pp.652-660. ⟨10.1239/jap/1189717535⟩
hal-00333356v2  Journal articles
Fabienne ComteStéphane GaïffasAgathe Guilloux. Adaptive estimation of the conditional intensity of marker-dependent counting processes
Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré (B) Probabilités et Statistiques, Institut Henri Poincaré (IHP), 2011, 47 (4), pp.1171-1196. ⟨10.1214/10-AIHP386⟩
hal-00537236v2  Journal articles
Nabil RachdiJean-Claude FortThierry Klein. Risk bounds for new M-estimation problems
ESAIM: Probability and Statistics, EDP Sciences, In press
hal-00620384v1  Journal articles
Hermine BierméAline BonamiIvan NourdinGiovanni Peccati. Optimal Berry-Esseen rates on the Wiener space: the barrier of third and fourth cumulants
ALEA : Latin American Journal of Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada, 2012, 9 (2), pp.473-500. ⟨10.48550/arXiv.1109.1546⟩
hal-03431611v1  Directions of work or proceedings
François DunlopEllen Saada. Inhomogeneous Random Systems 2019, 2020: Quantum dynamics in and out of equilibrium; Large scale description of random fields: interfaces between PDE and RG approaches; Logarithmically correlated random fields; Emergent CFTs in statistical mechanics.
Inhomogeneous Random Systems, January 22–23, 2019 and January 28–29, 2020, Paris, France. Markov Processes And Related Fields, 27 (4), Polymat Publishing Company, 489-706 (218 p.), 2021, Special Issue containing papers presented at the meetings: Inhomogeneous Random Systems (Paris, January 22–23, 2019 and January 28–29, 2020)