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hal-00018051v1  Journal articles
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hal-00204754v1  Journal articles
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hal-00018053v1  Journal articles
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hal-00704505v1  Journal articles
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hal-00018042v1  Journal articles
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hal-00704710v1  Journal articles
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hal-00704773v1  Journal articles
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hal-00704945v1  Journal articles
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hal-00704771v1  Journal articles
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hal-01108122v1  Journal articles
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hal-00206123v1  Journal articles
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hal-00021928v1  Journal articles
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hal-00597296v1  Journal articles
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hal-00597491v1  Journal articles
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hal-00291504v1  Journal articles
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hal-00105111v1  Journal articles
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hal-01170718v1  Journal articles
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hal-00783039v1  Journal articles
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hal-01269715v1  Journal articles
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hal-00355238v1  Journal articles
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hal-01264454v1  Journal articles
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hal-00786935v1  Journal articles
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hal-01366406v1  Journal articles
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hal-00018663v1  Journal articles
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hal-00187045v1  Journal articles
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hal-01172277v1  Journal articles
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