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producedDateY_i : 2011

The origin of methane on Mars

Eric Chassefière , François Leblanc
8th Annual Meeting of AOGS (Asia Oceania Geosciences Society), Aug 2011, Taipei, Taiwan
Conference papers hal-00610333v1

Constraining methane release due to serpentinization by the observed D/H ratio on Mars

Eric Chassefière , François Leblanc
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2011, 310 (3-4), pp.262-271. ⟨10.1016/j.epsl.2011.08.013⟩
Journal articles hal-00617231v1

Clues to a possible origin of methane on Mars

Eric Chassefière , François Leblanc
Origins 2011, International Conference, Jul 2011, Montpellier, France
Conference poster hal-00610337v1

Thermospheric and Exospheric Studies of the Martian Hydrogen Lyman-Alpha Emission

Jean-Yves Chaufray , François Forget , J. T. Clarke , Kurt D. Retherford , David G. Horvath et al.
Fourth International Workshop on the Mars Atmosphere: Modelling and Observations, Feb 2011, Paris, France. 1 p
Conference papers hal-00569026v1

The density of the upper martian atmosphere measured by Lyman-α absorption with Mars Express SPICAM

Jean-Yves Chaufray , K. D. Retherford , D. G. Horvath , Jean-Loup Bertaux , François Forget et al.
Icarus, 2011, 215 (2), pp.522-525. ⟨10.1016/j.icarus.2011.07.025⟩
Journal articles hal-00614030v1

Nuclear Spin Conversion of Molecular Hydrogen on Amorphous Solid Water in the presence of O2 traces

M. Chehrouri , J.-H. Fillion , H. Chaabouni , H. Mokrane , E. Congiu et al.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2011, 13, pp.2172-2178
Journal articles hal-00635927v1

Stochastic climate dynamics: Random attractors and time-dependent invariant measures

M.D. Chekroun , E. Simonnet , Michael Ghil
Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, 2011, 240 (21), pp.1685-1700. ⟨10.1016/j.physd.2011.06.005⟩
Journal articles hal-01120519v1

Origin of compaction bands: Anti-cracking or constitutive instability?

A.I. Chemenda
Tectonophysics, 2011, 499 (1-4), pp.156-164. ⟨10.1016/j.tecto.2011.01.005⟩
Journal articles hal-00585744v1
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Mode I cracking versus dilatancy banding: Experimental constraints on the mechanisms of extension fracturing

A.I. Chemenda , Si-H. Nguyen , Jean-Pierre Petit , J. Ambre
Journal of Geophysical Research, 2011, 116, pp.B04401, 13 PP. ⟨10.1029/2010JB008104⟩
Journal articles hal-00585846v1

Evolution of compactive shear deformation bands: Numerical models and geological data,

Alexandre Chemenda , C. Wibberley , E. Saillet
Tectonophysics, 2011, 526-529, pp.56-66
Journal articles hal-00682042v1

Experimental evidences of transition from mode I cracking to dilatancy banding

Alexandre I. Chemenda , Si-Hung Nguyen , Jean-Pierre Petit , Julien Ambre
Comptes Rendus Mécanique, 2011, 339 (4), pp.219-225. ⟨10.1016/j.crme.2011.01.002⟩
Journal articles hal-00585886v1

Seasonal dynamics of the bacterial community in forest soils under different quantities of leaf litter

Nicolas Chemidlin Prévost-Bouré , Pierre-Alain Maron , Lionel Ranjard , Virginie Nowak , Eric Dufrene et al.
Applied Soil Ecology, 2011, 47 (1), pp.14-23. ⟨10.1016/j.apsoil.2010.11.006⟩
Journal articles hal-02646057v1
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Validation and Application of a PCR Primer Set to Quantify Fungal Communities in the Soil Environment by Real-Time Quantitative PCR

Nicolas Chemidlin Prévost-Bouré , Richard Christen , Samuel S. Dequiedt , Christophe Mougel , Mélanie M. Lelievre et al.
PLoS ONE, 2011, 6 (9), pp.e24166. ⟨10.1371/journal.pone.0024166⟩
Journal articles hal-01254016v1
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Validation and application of a PCR primer set to quantify fungal communities in the soil environment by real-time quantitative PCR

Nicolas Chemidlin Prévost-Bouré , Richard Christen , Samuel Dequiedt , Christophe Mougel , Mélanie Lelièvre et al.
PLoS ONE, 2011, 6 (9), pp.1-13. ⟨10.1371/journal.pone.0024166⟩
Journal articles hal-02648355v1
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Calibration of the Gaia RVS from ground-based observations of candidate standard stars

L. Chemin , C. Soubiran , Françoise Crifo , Gérard Jasniewicz , David Katz et al.
SF2A 2011: Annual meeting of the French Society of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Jun 2011, Paris, France. pp.271-274
Conference papers hal-00647650v1
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Probabilistic projections of climate change over China under the SRES A1B scenario using 28 AOGCMs

W. Chen , Z. Jiang , Laurent Li
Journal of Climate, 2011, 24 (17), pp.4741-4756. ⟨10.1175/2011JCLI4102.1⟩
Journal articles hal-01120099v1
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Viral dynamics in the surface water of the western South China Sea in summer 2007

Xihan Chen , Hongbin Liu , Markus G Weinbauer , Bingzhang Chen , Nianzhi Jiao et al.
Aquatic Microbial Ecology, 2011, 63 (2), pp.145-160. ⟨10.3354/ame01490⟩
Journal articles hal-03502042v1

Simulation of regional climate change under the IPCC A2 scenario in southeast China

W. Chen , Z. Jiang , Laurent Li , P. Yiou
Climate Dynamics, 2011, 36 (3-4), pp.491-507. ⟨10.1007/s00382-010-0910-3⟩
Journal articles istex hal-01120105v1

Isotopic niches of fishes in coastal, neritic and oceanic waters off Adélie land, Antarctica

Yves Cherel , Philippe Koubbi , Carolina Giraldo , Florian Penot , Eric Tavernier et al.
Polar Science, 2011, 5, pp.286-297. ⟨10.1016/j.polar.2010.12.004⟩
Journal articles hal-00613950v1

Characteristics and pathways of bioactive 4-desmethylsterols, triterpene alcohols and 4α-monomethylsterols, from developing Tunisian cultivars and wild peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.).

Aicha O. Cherif , Mhamed Ben Messaouda , Belhassen Kaabi , Isabelle Pellerin , Sadok Boukhchina et al.
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 2011, 49 (7), pp.774-81. ⟨10.1016/j.plaphy.2011.02.009⟩
Journal articles pasteur-01375280v1

Variation in patriline reproductive success during queen production in orphaned colonies of the thelytokous ant Cataglyphis cursor

Blandine Chéron , Thibaud Monnin , Pierre Federici , Claudie Doums
Molecular Ecology, 2011, 20 (9), pp.2011-2022. ⟨10.1111/j.1365-294X.2011.05075.x⟩
Journal articles istex hal-02174479v1

Unequal resource allocation among colonies produced by fission in the ant Cataglyphis cursor

Blandine Chéron , Adam Cronin , Claudie Doums , Pierre Federici , Claudy Haussy et al.
Ecology, 2011, 92 (7), pp.1448-1458. ⟨10.1890/10-2347.1⟩
Journal articles hal-02174373v1

A preliminary catalog of moment tensors for the Pyrenees

S. Chevrot , M. Sylvander , B. Delouis
Tectonophysics, 2011, 510 (1-2), pp.239-251. ⟨10.1016/j.tecto.2011.07.011⟩
Journal articles hal-00634537v1

Keck Observations of the Young Metal-Poor Host Galaxy of the Super-Chandrasekhar-Mass Type Ia Supernova SN 2007if

M. Childress , G. Aldering , C. Aragon , P. Antilogus , S. Bailey et al.
The Astrophysical Journal, 2011, 733, pp.3. ⟨10.1088/0004-637X/733/1/3⟩
Journal articles in2p3-00610569v1

Influence of gradient estimation on clod identification on a seedbed digital elevation model

Olivier Chimi Chiadjeu , Edwige Vannier , Richard Dusséaux , Odile Taconet
Environmental & Engineering Geoscience, 2011, 17 (4), pp.337-352
Journal articles hal-00660386v1

Inter-annual variability of tropical cloud cover in a subsidence area using ISCCP and CALIPSO-GOCCP observations : an atmospheric circulation regime analysis

Marjolaine Chiriaco , H. Chepfer , G. Cesana
CloudSat/CALIPSO science team Meeting, Jun 2011, Montreal, Canada
Conference papers hal-00675026v1

Synthesis of ground-based atmospheric measurements from 3 European observatories

Marjolaine Chiriaco , J.-C. Dupont , L. Klenov , M. Haeffelin , P. Siebesma et al.
CFMIP/GCSS/EUCLIPSE Meeting on Cloud Processes and Climate Feedbacks, Jun 2011, Exeter, United Kingdom
Conference papers hal-00674680v1

Interannual variability of the cloud cover in the Paris area : a synoptic regime analysis

Marjolaine Chiriaco , Hélène Fréville , Sophie Bastin , J.-C. Dupont , T. Salameh et al.
EMS. 11th European Meteorological Society (EMS) Annual Conference, Sep 2011, Berlin, Germany. 8, pp.EMS2011-53, 2011
Conference poster hal-00668299v1
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Interseismic coupling and seismic potential along the Central Andes subduction zone

Mohamed Chlieh , Hugo Perfettini , Hernando Tavera , Jean-Philippe Avouac , Dominique Remy et al.
Journal of Geophysical Research : Solid Earth, 2011, 116, pp.B12405. ⟨10.1029/2010JB008166⟩
Journal articles hal-00658793v1
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Kinetics and mechanism of antigorite dehydration: Implications for subduction zone seismicity

Mélanie Chollet , Isabelle Daniel , Kenneth T. Koga , Guillaume Morard , Bertrand van de Moortèle et al.
Journal of Geophysical Research, 2011, 116, pp.04203. ⟨10.1029/2010JB007739⟩
Journal articles hal-00613633v1

The reddening law of Type Ia Supernovae: separating intrinsic variability from dust using equivalent widths

N. Chotard , E. Gangler , G. Aldering , P. Antilogus , C. Aragon et al.
Astronomy and Astrophysics - A&A, 2011, 529, pp.L4. ⟨10.1051/0004-6361/201116723⟩
Journal articles in2p3-00610560v1
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Differences In Cellular Encapsulation Of Six Termite (Isoptera) Species Against Infection By The Entomopathogenic Fungus Metarhizium Anisopliae

Thomas Chouvenc , Nan-Yao Su , Alain Robert
Florida Entomologist, 2011, 93 (3), pp.389-397. ⟨10.1653/024.094.0302⟩
Journal articles bioemco-00663107v1
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Microbial food webs and metabolic state across oligotrophic waters of the Mediterranean Sea during summer

Urania Christaki , France van Wambeke , Dominique Lefèvre , A. Lagaria , L. Prieur et al.
Biogeosciences, 2011, 8, pp.1839-1852. ⟨10.5194/bg-8-1839-2011⟩
Journal articles hal-00697626v1

Community Variability of Bacteria in Alpine Snow (Mont Blanc) Containing Saharan Dust Deposition and Their Snow Colonisation Potential

Maria S. Chuvochina , Dominique Marie , Servanne Chevaillier , J.R. Petit , P. Normand et al.
Microbes and environments / JSME, 2011, 26 (3), pp.237-247. ⟨10.1264/jsme2.ME11116⟩
Journal articles insu-00646743v1
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Radar Sounding Investigations of the Martian Subsurface by the 2018 ExoMars-C Rover

Valérie Ciarletti , Dirk Plettemeier , Ph. Cais , Stephen Clifford
EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2011, Oct 2011, Nantes, France. pp.1609
Conference papers hal-00664263v1

Results from the First Field Tests of the WISDOM GPR (2018 ExoMars Mission)

Valérie Ciarletti , S. Clifford , André-Jean Vieau , Benjamin Lustrement , Rafik Hassen-Khodja et al.
42nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Mar 2011, The Woodlands - Texas, United States. 2613.pdf
Conference papers hal-00619293v1

WISDOM GPR designed for shallow and high-resolution sounding of the martian subsurface

Valérie Ciarletti , Charlotte Corbel , Dirk Plettemeier , Ph. Cais , S. M. Clifford et al.
Proceedings of the IEEE, 2011, 99 (5), pp.824-836. ⟨10.1109/JPROC.2010.2100790⟩
Journal articles hal-00566259v1

The Nile monitor (Varanus niloticus; Squamata: Varanidae) as a sentinel species for lead and cadmium contamination in sub-Saharan wetlands.

A. Ciliberti , P. Berny , Marie Laure Delignette-Muller , V. de Buffrénil
Science of the Total Environment, 2011, 409, pp.4735-4745
Journal articles hal-00721098v1

A model of interaction of Phobos' surface with the martian environment

Fabrice Cipriani , Olivier Witasse , François Leblanc , Ronan Modolo , Robert E. Johnson et al.
Icarus, 2011, 212 (2), pp.643-648. ⟨10.1016/j.icarus.2011.01.036⟩
Journal articles hal-00564917v1

MRO CRISM and MARCI Observations of Mars Ozone

R. T. Clancy , M. Wolff , M. Smith , B. Cantor , Franck Lefèvre et al.
Fourth International Workshop on the Mars Atmosphere: Modelling and Observations, Feb 2011, Paris, France. 3 p
Conference papers hal-00566708v1
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Intercontinental transport of anthropogenic sulfur dioxide and other pollutants: An infrared remote sensing case study

Lieven Clarisse , Michael Fromm , Yasmine Ngadi , Louisa Emmons , Cathy Clerbaux et al.
Geophysical Research Letters, 2011, 38 (19), pp.L19806. ⟨10.1029/2011GL048976⟩
Journal articles hal-00632738v1
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Thermal infrared nadir observations of 24 atmospheric gases

Lieven Clarisse , Y. R'Honi , Pierre-François Coheur , Daniel Hurtmans , Cathy Clerbaux et al.
Geophysical Research Letters, 2011, 38, pp.L10802. ⟨10.1029/2011GL047271⟩
Journal articles hal-00595311v1
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Infrared satellite observations of hydrogen sulfide in the volcanic plume of the August 2008 Kasatochi eruption

Lieven Clarisse , Pierre-François Coheur , Simon Chefdeville , Jean-Lionel Lacour , Daniel Hurtmans et al.
Geophysical Research Letters, 2011, 38 (10), pp.L10804. ⟨10.1029/2011GL047402⟩
Journal articles hal-00595308v1
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Antarctic Krill 454 Pyrosequencing Reveals Chaperone and Stress Transcriptome

Melody S. Clark , Michael A. S. Thorne , Jean-Yves Toullec , Yan Meng , Le Luo Guan et al.
PLoS ONE, 2011, 6 (1), pp.e15919. ⟨10.1371/journal.pone.0015919⟩
Journal articles hal-01250924v1

Morphostructural evolution of the Luberon since the Miocene (SE France)

Georges Clauzon , J. Fleury , Olivier Bellier , Stéphane Molliex , Ludovic Mocochain et al.
Bulletin de la Société Géologique de France, 2011, 182 (2), pp.95-110. ⟨10.2113/gssgfbull.182.2.95⟩
Journal articles hal-00628863v1

Temperature dependence of nitrogen and oxygen-broadening of the 16O3 ν1 band

C. Claveau
J. Mol. Phys., 2011, 109, pp.Issue 12
Journal articles hal-00658491v1

Worldwide decline of specialist species: toward a global functional homogenization?

Joanne Clavel , Romain Julliard , Vincent Devictor
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 2011, 9 (4), pp.222-228. ⟨10.1890/080216⟩
Journal articles hal-02939446v1

Comments on "Stratigraphic, sedimentological and palaeoenvironmental constraints on the rise of the Urgonian platform in the western Swiss Jura.", by Godet, A., K. B. Föllmi et al., in Sedimentology vol. 57 (2010), pp. 1088-1125.

B. Clavel , J. Charollais , M. Conrad , R. Jan Du Chene , R. Busnardo et al.
Sedimentology, 2011, 59, pp.1121-1125
Journal articles hal-00721793v1

An introduction to 3D imaging in palaeontology and palaeoanthropology

G. Clement , D. Geffard-Kuriyama
Comptes Rendus Palevol, 2011, 9 (6-7), pp.259-264
Journal articles hal-00628161v1

The potential of MTG-IRS to detect pollution

Cathy Clerbaux , Pierre-François Coheur
Second GEO-CAPE Community Workshop, May 2011, Boulder, United States
Conference papers hal-00662340v1
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Bird feeders may sustain feral Rose-ringed parakeets Psittacula krameri in temperate Europe

Philippe Clergeau , Alan Vergnes
Wildlife Biology, 2011, 17, pp.248 - 252. ⟨10.2981/09-092⟩
Journal articles hal-01092709v1
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Lithospheric folding and sedimentary basin evolution: a review and analysis of formation mechanisms

Sierd Cloething , Evgenii E.B. Burov
Basin Research, 2011, 23 (3), pp.257-290. ⟨10.1111/j.1365-2117.2010.00490.x⟩
Journal articles hal-00640964v1

A Grid Application on Climate Change in EUAsiaGrid

A. S. Cofiño , S. Boonya-Aroonnet , Royol Chitradon , Simon C. Lin , Marco Paganoni et al.
Simon C. Lin and Eric Yen. Data Driven e-Science. Use Cases and Successful Applications of Distributed Computing Infrastructures (ISGC 2010), Springer-Verlag, pp.401-414, 2011, Computer Science, ⟨10.1007/978-1-4419-8014-4_31⟩
Book sections hal-00640047v1

Occurrence of the toxic dinoflagellate Ostreopsis cf. ovata in relation with environmental factors in Monaco (NW Mediterranean)

Stephanie Cohu , Thierry Thibaut , Luisa Mangialajo , Jean-Philippe Labat , Ornella Passafiume et al.
Marine Pollution Bulletin, 2011, 62 (12), pp.2681-2691. ⟨10.1016/j.marpolbul.2011.09.022⟩
Journal articles hal-00927014v1


Stephanie Cohu , Luisa Mangialajo , Thierry Thibaut , Aurelie Blanfuné , Rodolphe Lemee et al.
Journal of Phycology, 2011, 46, pp.55-55
Journal articles hal-00927042v1

Development of the benthic toxic dinoflagellate Ostreopsis cf. ovata in the NW Mediterranean sea.

S. Cohu , R. Lemee , L. Mangialajo , Aurelie Blanfuné , S. Gasparini et al.
5th European Phycological Congress, Sep 2011, Rhodes, Greece. pp.55
Conference papers hal-00937230v1

Impact of environmental factors on Ostreopsis cf. ovata dynamic during the summers 2007 and 2008 in Monaco (NW Mediterranean Sea).

S. Cohu , Thierry Thibaut , L. Mangialajo , J.P. Labat , O. Passafiume et al.
International Conference on Ostreopsis Development, Apr 2011, Villefranche-sur-Mer, France
Conference papers hal-00937117v1

MoMAR-D: a technological challenge to monitor the dynamics of the Lucky Strike vent ecosystem

Ana Colaço , J. Blandin , Mathilde Cannat , Thierry Carval , V. Chavagnac et al.
ICES Journal of Marine Science, 2011, 68 (2), pp.416-424. ⟨10.1093/icesjms/fsq075⟩
Journal articles insu-00559025v1
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Air quality trends in Europe over the past decade: a first multi-model assessment

A. Colette , Claire Granier , Ø. Hodnebrog , H. Jakobs , A. Maurizi et al.
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2011, 11 (22), pp.11657-11678. ⟨10.5194/acp-11-11657-2011⟩
Journal articles hal-00606134v1

On the impact of chemical boundary conditions on air quality modelling

Augustin Colette , Frédérik Meleux , Bertrand Bessagnet , Claire Granier , Oivind Hodnebrog et al.
EGU General Assembly 2011, Apr 2011, Vienne, Austria
Conference papers ineris-00970802v1

Planck early results. XXIV. Dust in the diffuse interstellar medium and the Galactic halo

Planck Collaboration , A. Abergel , P. A. R. Ade , N. Aghanim , M. Arnaud et al.
Astronomy and Astrophysics - A&A, 2011, 536, pp.A24. ⟨10.1051/0004-6361/201116485⟩
Journal articles in2p3-00646198v1

Structure and seasonal dynamics of the eukaryotic picophytoplankton community in a wind-driven coastal upwelling ecosystem

Silvana Collado-Fabbri , Daniel Vaulot , Osvaldo Ulloa
Limnology and Oceanography, 2011, 56 (6), pp.2334-2346. ⟨10.4319/lo.2011.56.6.2334⟩
Journal articles hal-01254011v1

Algae as source of biofuel - Environmental assessment and ecodesign perspectives

Pierre Collet , Juliette Langlois , Melissa Cornelus , Laurent Lardon , Jean-Philippe Steyer et al.
Conference Ecotech & tools, Nov 2011, Montpellier, France
Conference papers hal-02745189v1

Structure of the subduction channel and its relation to the megathrust fault and plate coupling from depth migrated seismic images at the Ecuador – Colombia convergent margin

J.-Y. Collot
XIII Congreso Colombiano de Geología, Aug 2011, Medellin, Colombia
Conference papers hal-02135827v1
Image document

The South Ecuador subduction channel: evidence for a dynamic mega-shear zone from 2D fine-scale seismic reflection imaging, implications for material transfer

Jean-Yves Collot , Alessandra Ribodetti , Françoise Sage , W. Agudelo
Journal of Geophysical Research, 2011, 116, pp.B11102. ⟨10.1029/2011JB008429⟩
Journal articles hal-00653256v1

Wheat field high throughput phenotyping from concept to application.

Alexis Comar , B. de Solan , P. Burger , Frédéric Baret , F. Daumard et al.
EPSO 2nd Symposium of the International Plant Phenotyping Network, Sep 2011, Jülich, Germany
Conference poster hal-01336010v1
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SOHO/SWAN Observations of Short-period Spacecraft Target Comets

M. R. Combi , Y. Lee , T. S. Patel , J. T. T. Mäkinen , Jean-Loup Bertaux et al.
The Astronomical Journal, 2011, 141 (4), pp.128. ⟨10.1088/0004-6256/141/4/128⟩
Journal articles hal-00576785v1