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Pierpaolo ZuddasD. FaivreJ.R. Duhamel. Magnetite minerals in the human brain: what's their role?
Paolo Censi, Thomas H. Darrah, Ygal Erel. Medical Geochemistry, Chapter 6, pp.91-99, 2013
hal-01571792v1  Book sections
Jean-Daniel Zucker. Multiple instance learning and Propositionalization
Machine Learning: A Technological Roadmap, University of Amsterdam, 2001
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Ivan Yu. ZolotukhinElena Glushkova. Open Clusters Science in the Virtual Observatory Era
Moitinho, André; Alves, João. Star Clusters in the Era of Large Surveys, pp.87, 2012, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-22113-2_11⟩
hal-01418198v1  Book sections
Artur ZivianiMarcelo Dias de Amorim. Video over IP
Encyclopedia of Multimedia, Springer Book Series, pp.929-935, 2005, ⟨10.1007/978-0-387-78414-4_246⟩
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Sebastien ZieglerLoïc BaronBrecht VermeulenSerge Fdida. F-Interop – Online Platform of Interoperability and Performance Tests for the Internet of Things
Martin Serrano; Nikolaos Isaris; Hans Schaffers; John Domingue; Michael Boniface; Thanasis Korakis. Building the Future Internet through FIRE, River Publishers, pp.603-611, 2017, 9788793519121
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Baichun ZhuFranck LetellierJuliette BlanchardKatia FajerwergCatherine Louis et al.  Preparation of Pt°/MCM-41: effect of drying on MCM-41 structure and Pt° dispersion
E.M. Gaigneaux; M. Devillers; D.E. De Vos; S. Hermans; P.A. Jacobs; J.A. Martens; P. Ruiz. Scientific Bases for the Preparation of Heterogeneous Catalysts, 162, Elsevier, pp.449-456, 2006, Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis, 978-0-444-52827-8. ⟨10.1016/S0167-2991(06)80939-0⟩
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Leila ZerroukiBernadette Bouchon-MeunierRémy Fondacci. Fuzzy systems for air trafic flow management
Computing with words in information/intelligent systems, 34, Springer, pp.525-547, 1998, Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing, ⟨10.1007/978-3-7908-1872-7_25⟩
hal-01681792v1  Book sections
Laura Zattra. “Génétiques de la computer music”, pp. 213-238
Genèses musicales. Nicolas Donin; Almuth Grésillon; Jean-Louis Lebrave. France. Presses Universitaires de Paris-Sorbonne, 2015, 2015
hal-03139671v1  Book sections
Laura Zattra. “Les écriture des musiques informatiques mixtes à la lueur des sources documentaires”, pp. 195-230
Musique et Technologie. Regards sur les musiques mixtes, Marc Battier, Evelyne Gayou, Daniel Teruggi eds., Portraits polychromes, INA Institut National de l’Audiovisuel, 2016, ISBN 978-2-86938-244-2, 2016
hal-03139699v1  Book sections
Laura Zattra. “Technologie et créativité au CSC (Padoue) et à l’IRCAM (Paris)”, pp. 67-93
“Musique, instruments, machines. Autour des musiques électroacoustiques”, textes réunis et édités par Bruno Bossis, Anne Veitl et Marc Battier, Actes du séminaire du MINT, octobre 2002-avril 2003, MINT – Série Musique et nouvelles technologie, n° 2 – 2006, Observatoire Musical Français, Université de Paris-Sorbonne, ISBN 2-84591-096-7, 2006
hal-03728288v1  Book sections
Philippe Zarka. Hot Jupiters and Magnetized Stars : Giant Analogs of the Satellite-Jupiter System ?
Planetary Radio Emissions VI, Austrian Acad. Sci. Press, Vienna, pp.543-569, 2006
halshs-01304788v1  Book sections
René Zaragüeta I BagilsSophie Pécaud. Why should cladograms be dichotomous?
Williams, D. M.; Schmitt, M.; Wheeler, Q. The Future of Phylogenetic Systematics : The Legacy of Willi Hennig, Cambridge University Press, pp.230-257, 2016
hal-00068697v1  Book sections
R. Zaraguëta Bagils. Basal clupeomorphs and the Ellimmichthyiform phylogeny.
Arratia G. Mesozoic Fishes 3, Verlag Dr. Friedrich Pfeil, Munich, pp.391-404, 2004
hal-01023963v1  Book sections
L. Zambotti. L'équation de Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (d'après Martin Hairer)
Séminaire Bourbaki, Volume 2012/2013, Société Mathématique de France, pp.251-269, 2014, Astérisque n. 361
hal-00341107v1  Book sections
K. ZaghibA. MaugerJ.B. GoodenoughF. GendronC. Julien. Advanced Materials and Methods for Lithium bartteries
Transword Research Netwok, Sheng Shui Zhang, pp.115-149, 2007
hal-02013594v1  Book sections
Giuseppe ZaccaiMarie Christine MaurelAda Yonath. Fluctuating RNA
Sciences de la vie, sciences de l’information, ISTE Editions, pp.15-20, 2017, 978-1-78405-287-4
hal-00104907v1  Book sections
Marc YorL. Nguyen-Ngoc. Some martingales associated to reflected Lévy processes
M. Emery, M. Ledoux, M. Yor. Séminaire de probabilités XXXVIII, Springer, pp.42-69, 2005, Lecture Notes in Mathematics n°1857
hal-00610303v1  Book sections
Marc YorK. YanoY. Yano. On the laws of first hitting times of points for one-dimensional symmetric stable Lévy processes
C. Donati-Martin, M. Emery, A. Rouault, C. Stricker. Séminaire de probabilités XLII, Springer, pp.187-227, 2009, Lecture Notes in Mathematics n. 1979
hal-00708599v1  Book sections
Marc YorL. MazliakL. Chaumont. Some aspects of the probabilistic work
E. Charpentier, A. Lesne, N. Nikolski. Kolmogorov's heritage in mathematics, Springer, pp.41-66, 2007
hal-00610189v1  Book sections
Marc YorD. Baker. On martingales with given marginals and the scaling property
C. Donati-Martin, A. Lejay, A. Rouault. Séminaire de probabilités XLIII, Springer, pp.437-439, 2011, Lecture Notes in Mathematics n. 2006
hal-00708595v1  Book sections
Marc Yor. A note about Selberg's integrals in relation with the beta-gamma algebra
M.C. Fu, R.A. Jarrow, J.Y. Yen, R.J. Elliott. Advances in mathematical finance, Birkhäuser, pp.49-58, 2007, Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis
hal-00104941v1  Book sections
Marc YorG. Peccati. Four limit theorems for quadratic functionals of Brownian motion and Brownian bridge
L. Horvath, B. Szyszkowicz. Asymptotic Methods in Stochastics, Festschrift for Miklós Csörgo, American Mathematical Society, pp.75-87, 2004, Series : Fields Institute Communications, vol.44
hal-00128805v1  Book sections
Marc YorL. Gallardo. Some remarkable properties of the Dunkl martingales
M. Emery, M. Yor. Séminaire de probabilités XXXIX. In Memoriam Paul-André Meyer, Springer, pp.337-356, 2006, Lecture Notes in Mathematics n°1874
hal-00128801v1  Book sections
Marc YorB. RoynetteP. Vallois. Pénalisations et quelques extensions du théorème de Pitman, relatives au mouvement Brownien et à son maximum unilatère
M. Emery, M. Yor. Séminaire de probabilités XXXIX. In Memoriam Paul-André Meyer, Springer, pp.305-336, 2006, Lecture Notes in Mathematics n°1874
hal-00104942v1  Book sections
Marc YorG. Peccati. Hardy's inequality in $L^2([0,1]$ and principal values of Brownian local times
L. Horvath, B. Szyszkowicz. Asymptotic Methods in Stochastics, Festschrift for Miklós Csörgo, American Mathematical Society, pp.49-74, 2004, Series : Fields Institute Communications, vol.44
hal-00109983v1  Book sections
Marc YorG. Peccati. Hardy's inequality in $L^2([0,1]$ and principal values of Brownian local times
L. Horvath, B. Szyszkowicz. Asymptotic Methods in Stochastics, Festschrift for Miklós Csörgo, American Mathematical Society, pp.49-74, 2004, Fields Institute Communications, n° 44
hal-00168851v1  Book sections
Marc YorP. Salminen. Tanaka formula for symmetric Lévy processes
C. Donati-Martin, M. Emery, A. Rouault, C. Stricker. Séminaire de probabilités XL, Springer, pp.265-285, 2007, Lecture Notes in Mathematics n°1899
hal-00104944v1  Book sections
Marc YorJ. Pitman. Some properties of the arc-sine law related to its invariance under a family of rational maps
A. Dasgupta. A Festschrift for Herman Rubin, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, pp.126-137, 2004, IMS Lecture Notes Monograph Series n° 45
hal-00706591v1  Book sections
Marc Yor. Some remarkable properties of gamma processes
M.C. Fu, R.A. Jarrow, J.Y. Yen, R.J. Elliott, Editors. Advances in mathematical finance, Birkhäuser, pp.37-47, 2007, Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis
hal-00128799v1  Book sections
Marc YorD.B. Madan. Ito's integrated formula for strict local martingales
M. Emery, M. Yor. Séminaire de probabilités XXXIX. In Memoriam Paul-André Meyer, Springer, pp.157-170, 2006, Lecture Notes in Mathematics n°1874
hal-00144298v1  Book sections
Marc Yor. The life and scientific work of Paul André Meyer, "Un modèle pour nous tous
M. Emery, M. Yor. Séminaire de probabilités XXXIX. In Memoriam Paul-André Meyer, Springer, pp.13-26, 2006, Lecture Notes in Mathematics n°1874
hal-00539604v1  Book sections
Marc Yor. Squared Bessel Processes
R. Cont. Encyclopedia of Quantitative Finance, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, Volume 4, pp: 1678-1679, 2010
hal-00345627v1  Book sections
Marc YorO. ChybiryakovL. Gallardo. Dunkl processes and their radial parts relative to a root system
P. Graczyk, M. Rösler, M. Yor. Harmonic and stochastic analysis of Dunkl processes, Hermann, pp.113-197, 2008, Travaux en cours, vol. 71
hal-01221585v1  Book sections
Akinori YonezawaJean-Pierre BriotEtsuya Shibayama. Object-oriented concurrent programming in ABCL/1
Concurrent Objects and Beyond - Papers dedicated to Akinori Yonezawa on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday, 8665, Springer Verlag, pp.18-43, 2014, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, ⟨10.1007/978-3-662-44471-9_2⟩
hal-01293876v1  Book sections
Amel YessadCatherine FaronPeter SanderMohamed Tayeb Laskri. OrPAF: an Environment for Adaptive Hypermedia Courses in the Semantic Web Context
Novel Developments in Web-Based Learning Technologies: Tools for Modern Teaching, IGI GLOBAL, pp.159-173, 2010, ⟨10.4018/978-1-60566-938-0.ch009⟩
hal-01262773v1  Book sections
J.-Y. YenMarc Yor. On two results of P. Deheuvels
M. Hallin, D.M. Mason, D. Pfeifer, J.G. Steinebach. Mathematical statistics and limit theorems, Festschrift in Honour of Paul Deheuvels, Springer, pp.305-308, 2015
hal-01262791v1  Book sections
J.-Y. YenMarc Yor. Some topics in probability theory
M. Hallin, D.M. Mason, D. Pfeifer, J.G. Steinebach. Mathematical statistics and limit theorems, Festschrift in Honour of Paul Deheuvels, Springer, pp.309-314, 2015
hal-00125236v1  Book sections
Toshio YamagataSwadhin K. BeheraJing-Jia LuoSébastien MassonMark R. Jury et al.  Coupled ocean-atmosphere variability in the tropical Indian Ocean
Earth's Climate: The Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction, James A. Carton, Editors, pp.theme III, 2004, Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 147, 414 pages, hardbound, 2004, ISBN 0-87590-412-2, AGU Code GM1474122
hal-01124629v1  Book sections
Meziane YacoubDominique FrayssinetFouad BadranSylvie Thiria. Clustering and Classification based on Expert knowledge propagation using Probabilistic Self-Organizing Map: application to geophysics
Clustering and Classification based on Expert knowledge propagation using Probabilistic Self-Organizing Map: application to geophysics, 2000
hal-01560074v1  Book sections
Qiong XiaHayat El-Maarouf-BouteauChristophe BaillyPatrice Meimoun. Determination of Protein Carbonylation and Proteasome Activity in Seeds
Lois, L. Maria and Matthiesen, Rune. Plant Proteostasis, Springer New York, pp.205-212, 2016, Methods in Molecular Biology, 978-1-4939-3757-8. ⟨10.1007/978-1-4939-3759-2_16⟩
hal-00021747v1  Book sections
W.T. WongChristian DavidBeatriz Menendez. Chapter 2 "Mechanical Compaction
Academic Press - Elsevier. Mechanics of Fluid Saturated Rocks, Yves Guéguen et Maurice Boutéca, pp.450, 2004, ISBN 0123053552
hal-01105699v1  Book sections
Suzanne WinsbergGeert de Soete. A bootstrap procedure for mixture models
Springer; Kiers, H.A.L. / Rasson, J.P. / Groenen, P.G.F. / Schader, M. Data Analysis, Classification and Related Methods, Proceedings of the 7th Conference of the Federation of Classification Societies, 2000
hal-00195083v1  Book sections
Iwan P; WilliamsEdward L. G. BowellEdward TedescoGuy J. ConsolmagnoGiovanni B. Valsecchi et al.  Working Group on Definition of Planet
O. Engvold. Reports on Astronomy 2002-2005, IAU Transactions 26A, Cambridge University Press, pp.189, 2007, ⟨10.1017/S1743921306004522⟩
hal-02840241v1  Book sections
Jean-Pierre WigneronPhilippe WaldteufelAndre ChanzyJ.-C. CalvetOlivier Marloie et al.  Retrieval capabilities of L-Band 2-D interferometric radiometry over land surfaces (SMOS Mission)
Microwave radiometry remote sensing earth's surface atmosphere, VSP, 2000, 90-6764-318-1
hal-00196789v1  Book sections
Finn-Arne WeltzienMarie-Emilie SebertBernadette VidalC. PasqualiniSylvie Dufour. Dopamine inhibition of eel reproduction
G. van den Thillart; S. Dufour; C. Rankin. Migration and Reproduction of the European eel, Springer Publisher, (sous presse), 2007
hal-00151357v1  Book sections
Alain WeillChristine GuérinDanièle HauserHélène Dupuis. Stereo-photography techniques.
D. Hauser, K. Kahma, H. Krogstad, S. Monbaliu, S. Lehner et L. Wyatt. Measuring and Analysing the directional spectrum of ocean waves., European Union, pp.106-115, 2005, EUR 21367
hal-00949461v1  Book sections
Alain Weill. Acoustic Radiation
E.G. Njoku. Encyclopedia of Remote Sensing, Springer, pp.1-4, 2014, Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series, 978-0-387-36698-2. ⟨10.1007/978-0-387-36699-9_1⟩
hal-00683293v1  Book sections
Alain Weill. Acoustic Waves, Propagation
E.G. Njoku. Encyclopedia of Remote Sensing, Springer, pp.11-13, 2014, Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series, 978-0-387-36698-2. ⟨10.1007/978-0-387-36699-9_2⟩
hal-00949468v1  Book sections
Alain Weill. Acoustic Waves, Scattering
E.G. Njoku. Encyclopedia of Remote Sensing, Springer, pp.13-16, 2014, Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series, 978-0-387-36698-2. ⟨10.1007/978-0-387-36699-9_3⟩
hal-00572968v1  Book sections
Corinne Weber. Se reconnaître ou non dans la parole échangée : langage parlé, identité et didactique.
Archibald J. Galligani S. Langue (s) et immigration (s) : Société, école, travail., L'Harmattan, pp.292, 2009, Logiques sociales
hal-00572964v1  Book sections
Corinne Weber. De la communication scolaire à la culture communicative : élargissement des perspectives didactiques du français oral.
N. Auger, C. Béal, F. Demougin. Les enjeux de la communication interculturelle., Maison des sciences de l'homme d'Aquitaine., pp.n.c., 2009
hal-00572971v1  Book sections
Corinne Weber. Quelle place pour la variation et l'oralité dans l'enseignement du français ?
Isabelle Schaffner, Olivier Bertrand. Quel français enseigner ? La question de la norme dans l'apprentissage / enseignement., Ed. Ecole polytechnique, pp.373, 2010, Langues et Cultures
inria-00099542v1  Book sections
Dongming Wang. Implicitization and Offsetting via Regular Systems
Chen, Falai; Wang, Dongming. Geometric Computation, 11, World Scientific, pp.156-176, 2004, Lecture Notes Series on Computing, ⟨10.1142/9789812794833_0005⟩
hal-00497943v1  Book sections
J.S.Y. WangY. GuglielmiStéphane Gaffet. Collaborative projects between two USA-France national subsurface laboratories to improve imaging of fractured-porous rocks properties and coupled THMCB processes
Zhao, Labiouse, Dudt & Mathier. Rock Mechanics in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Taylor & Francis Group, London, ISBN 978-0-415-58654-2, pp.857-860, 2010
inria-00100620v1  Book sections
Dongming WangDongdai Lin. A Method for Multivariate Polynomial Factorization over Successive Algebraic Extension Fields
D. Lin; W. Li; Y. Yu. Mathematics and Mathematics-Mechanization, Shandong Education Publishing House, pp.138-172, 2001
hal-01531544v1  Book sections
Dongming WangBican Xia. Computer Algebra
Selected Lectures in Symbolic Computation, Tsinghua University Press, pp.1-55, 2003
hal-01531545v1  Book sections
Dongming Wang. Automated Generation of Diagrams with Maple and Java
Algebra, Geometry, and Software Systems, Springer-Verlag, pp.277-287, 2003, ⟨10.1007/978-3-662-05148-1_15⟩
hal-01573178v1  Book sections
Dongming Wang. Some Algorithms for Zero Decomposition of Polynomial Systems
Mathematics Mechanization and Applications, Academic Press, London, 2000
inria-00100621v1  Book sections
Dongming Wang. Geometric Reasoning with Geometric Algebra
E. Bayro-Corrochano and G. Sobczyk. Geometric Algebra with Applications in Science and Engineering, Birkhäuser, pp.87-109, 2001, ⟨10.1007/978-1-4612-0159-5_5⟩
hal-01105544v1  Book sections
Marcelo Mortensen WanderleyPhilippe Depalle. Controle gestuel de la synthese sonore
Hermès Science Publications. Interfaces Homme-Machine et Création Musicale,, pp.145-164, 1999
hal-01105542v1  Book sections
Marcelo Mortensen Wanderley. Non-obvious Performer Gestures in Instrumental Music
Springer Verlag. Gesture-Based Communication in Human-Computer Interaction, International Gesture Workshop, GW'99, Gif-sur-Yvette, France, March 17-19, 1999 Proceedings, pp.33-44, 1999
hal-01376136v1  Book sections
Astrid WalrantDaniel S. SaxtonGuilherme Pereira CorreiaJennifer L. Gallop. Triggering actin polymerization in Xenopus egg extracts from phosphoinositide-containing lipid bilayers
Ross, J and Marshall, WF. BUILDING A CELL FROM ITS COMPONENT PARTS, 128, ELSEVIER ACADEMIC PRESS INC, pp.125-147, 2015, Methods in Cell Biology, 978-0-12-802450-8. ⟨10.1016/bs.mcb.2015.01.020⟩
hal-00407221v1  Book sections
Michel Waldschmidt. Words and Transcendence
W.W.L. Chen, W.T. Gowers, H. Halbertstam, W.M. Schmidt and R.C. Vaughan. Analytic Number Theory, Essays in Honour of Klaus Roth, Cambridge University Press, pp.449-470, 2009
hal-00411463v1  Book sections
Michel Waldschmidt. Un demi siècle de transcendance
J.-P. Pier. Development of Mathematics 1950-2000, Birkhäuser Verlag, pp.1121-1186, 2000
hal-00407231v1  Book sections
Michel Waldschmidt. Elliptic Functions and Transcendence
Surveys in Number Theory, Springer Verlag, pp.143-188, 2008, Developments in Mathematics 17
hal-00731543v1  Book sections
J. E. WahlundRonan ModoloC. BertucciA. Coates. Titans Magnetospheric and Plasma Environment
Ingo Müller-Wodarg, Caitlin A. Griffith, Emmanuel Lellouch, Thomas E. Craves. Titan: Surface, Atmosphere and Magnetosphere, Cambridge University Press, Chapitre 12, 2013, Cambridge Planetary Science (N°14), 9780521199926
hal-00673876v1  Book sections
Christiane Wagner. Electron microprobe
C.P. Marshall and R.H. Fairbridge, Kluwer. Encyclopedia of Geochemistry, Academic Publishers, pp.190-191, 1999
hal-00673879v1  Book sections
Christiane Wagner. Scanning electron microscope
C.P. Marshall and R.H. Fairbridge, Kluwer. Encyclopedia of Geochemistry, Academic Publishers, pp.569-570, 1999
hal-01538534v1  Book sections
Thanh T. K. Vuong-BrenderXinyi YangMichel Labouesse. C. elegans Embryonic Morphogenesis
Wassarman, PM. ESSAYS ON DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY, PT A, 116, ELSEVIER ACADEMIC PRESS INC, pp.597+, 2016, Current Topics in Developmental Biology, 978-0-12-802976-3; 978-0-12-802956-5. ⟨10.1016/bs.ctdb.2015.11.012⟩
bioemco-00175286v1  Book sections
Roger VuattouxSouleymane KonatéLuc AbbadieSébastien BarotJacques Gignoux et al.  History of the Lamto ecology station and ecological studies at Lamto
Lamto: structure, functioning and dynamics of a savanna ecosystem, Springer, pp.1-12, 2006
hal-01561856v1  Book sections
L. VolpeD. BataniB. VauzourPh NicolaiJ. J. Santos et al.  Can proton radiography be used to image imploding target in ICF experiments ?
Hein, J. and Silva, L. O. and Korn, G. and Gizzi, L. A. and Edwards, C. Diode-Pumped High Energy and High Power Lasers Eli: Ultrarelativistic Laser-Matter Interactions and Petawatt Photonics and Hiper: the European Pathway to Laser Energy, 8080, 2011, Proceedings of SPIE
hal-01571401v1  Book sections
Ricardo VitorinoMargarida CampolargoTimur Friedman. Enabling a Mobility Back-End as a Robust Service (EMBERS)
Martin Serrano; Nikolaos Isaris; Hans Schaffers; John Domingue; Michael Boniface; Thanasis Korakis. Building the Future Internet through FIRE, River Publishers, pp.596-602, 2017, 978-87-93519-12-1. ⟨10.13052/rp-9788793519114⟩
hal-01297914v1  Book sections
José ViterboLaurent MazuelYasmine CharifMarkus EndlerNicolas Sabouret et al.  Managing distributed and heterogeneous context for ambient intelligence
Context-Aware Self Managing Systems, Chapman & Hall, pp.79-128, 2009, CRC Studies in Informatics Series, 9781420077711. ⟨10.1201/9781420077728.ch4⟩
hal-00682707v1  Book sections
J. VirieuxV. EtienneV. Cruz-AtienzaR. BrossierE. Chaljub et al.  Modelling Seismic Wave Propagation for Geophysical Imaging
Seismic Waves - Research and Analysis, Masaki Kanao, 253-304, Chap.13, 2012, 978-953-307-944-8
insu-00355325v1  Book sections
J. VirieuxGilles Lambaré. Theory and observations - body waves: ray methods and finite frequency effects
Volume Editor A. Dziewonski and B. Romanowicz; Chief-Editor G. Schubert. Treatise on Geophysics, vol 1, Seismology and structure of the Earth, Elsevier, pp.127-155, 2007
hal-00163635v1  Book sections
C. VirgiliG. CassinisJ. Broutin. Permian to Triassic sequences from selected continental areas of Southwestern Europe.
Spencer S.L., Cassinis G. & Schneider J.W. Non Marine Permian. Biostratigraphy and Biochronology., The Geological Society of London, pp.231- 259, 2006
hal-01457949v1  Book sections
V. VinogradoffF. DuvernayG. DangerP. TheuléT. Chiavassa. Thermal Evolution of Interstellar Ice Analogues Containing Formaldehyde
Stehle, C. and Joblin, C. and DHendecourt, L. Ecla: European Conference on Laboratory Astrophysics, 58, pp.337--341, 2013
hal-01250802v1  Book sections
Hugues Vinet. Les nouveaux musiquants
Léo Scheer; Nicolas Donin, Bernard Stiegler. L'Inouï, , pp.1-1, 2005
hal-01250801v1  Book sections
Hugues Vinet. Concepts d'interfaces graphiques pour la création musicale et sonore
Hermes Science; Hugues Vinet. Interfaces homme-machine et création musicale, , pp.97-121, 1999
hal-01250789v1  Book sections
Hugues Vinet. Explorer la musique à l'âge numérique
Fayard; Régis Debray. Cahiers de médiologie N°18, Révolutions industrielles de la musique, pp.1-1, 2004
cea-01592216v1  Book sections
Eric VincentVincent Dupuis. Spin glasses : experimental signatures and salient outcomes
Turab Lookman and Xiaobing Ren. Frustrated Materials and Ferroic Glasses, In press, Springer Series in Materials Science
hal-03724809v1  Book sections
Nicole Vilmer. Contributions of Radioheliograph Observations to the Understanding of Solar Flares, Coronal Mass Ejections, Electron Beams in the Corona and in the Interplanetary Medium
The Sun, the Solar Wind and the Heliosphere IAGA Special Sopron Book Series, 4 (1), Springer, pp.247-266, 2011
bioemco-00567203v1  Book sections
Aurélie VilleneuveSolène LarroudéJean-François Humbert. Herbicide contamination of freshwater ecosystems: Impact on microbial communities
Margarita Stoytcheva. Pesticides - Formulations, Effects, Fate, InTech Open, pp.285-312, 2011, 978-953-307-532-7
hal-01292493v1  Book sections
Jean VignesRené Alt. Validation des résultats des logiciels scientifiques - Approche stochastique
Mathématiques pour l'ingénieur, AF1471, Éditions Techniques de l'Ingénieur, pp.1-35, 2010
hal-01298271v1  Book sections
Jean VignesRené Alt. Validation des résultats des logiciels scientifiques: Problème des approximations arithmétiques
Mathématiques pour l'ingénieur, AF1470, Éditions Techniques de l'Ingénieur, pp.1-11, 2009
hal-00653105v1  Book sections
Aymeric ViéChristophe ChalonsRodney FoxFrédérique LaurentMarc Massot. A multi-Gaussian quadrature method of moments for simulating high Stokes number turbulent two-phase flows
Annual Research Brief of the Center for Turbulence Research - Stanford University, Center for Turbulence Research - Stanford University, pp.309-320, 2012
hal-01599202v1  Book sections
Jean-Philippe VidalDominique ThiéryFlorence HabetsJosette GarnierFlorentina Moatar. Trajectoires hydroclimatiques du bassin et impacts possibles
La Loire fluviale et estuarienne : Un milieu en évolution. , Quae, Partie VI, Chapitre 17, pp.229-242, 2016, 978-2-7592-2401-2
hal-02808458v1  Book sections
Claire VidalNathalie GauthierDidier D. RochatFranck HerardAlain Thiéry et al.  Quelques exemples de bio-invasions dans le monde
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