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hal-00871282v1  Conference papers
T. CavaliéR. MorenoE. LellouchP. HartoghO. Venot et al.  The origin of CO in the stratosphere of Uranus
American Astronomical Society, DPS meeting #45, #312.14 held 6-11 octobre 2013, Denver CO, 2013, Denvers CO, United States
hal-00021622v1  Journal articles
Nemesio Rodriguez‐fernandezJ. BraineN. BrouilletF. Combes. [CII] emission and star formation in the spiral arms of M31
Astronomy and Astrophysics - A&A, EDP Sciences, 2006, 453, pp.77-82
hal-00711629v1  Conference papers
G. DourneauJ.-F. Le CampionC. DucourantJ. E. Arlot. Presentation of the Bordeaux astrophotographic old plates archive (1893 - 1996)
International Workshop NAROO-GAIA "A new reduction of old observations in the Gaia era", Paris Observatory, Jun 2012, Paris, France. pp. 185-192
hal-00594204v1  Conference papers
E. LellouchP. HartoghH. FeuchtgruberC. JarchowR. Moreno et al.  Observations of Neptune and Uranus with Herschel
European Planetary Science Congress 2010, 2010, rome, Italy. pp.569
hal-00594230v1  Conference papers
G. TobieD. GautierF. Hersant. Titan's bulk volatile inventory constrained by Cassini-­Huygens
European Planetary Science Congress 2010, 2010, rome, Italy. pp.577
hal-00664399v1  Journal articles
Laurent PaganiFabrice HerpinM. GerinPierre Encrenaz. Herschel and the TeraHertz sky
Comptes Rendus. Physique, Académie des sciences (Paris), 2012, 13 (1), pp.5-13. ⟨10.1016/j.crhy.2011.10.007⟩
hal-00822171v1  Conference papers
Therese EncrenazR. MorenoE. LellouchT. FouchetP. Hartogh et al.  Latitudinal And Seasonal Variations Of O2 And D/H On Mars Using Herschel/hifi
American Astronomical Society, 44th DPS Meeting 2012, Oct 2012, Reno, United States.
hal-00822140v1  Conference papers
Raphael MorenoE. LellouchP. HartoghT. CavaliéR. Courtin et al.  Probing The Atmospheres Of Uranus, Neptune And Titan With Herschel Observations Of The CH4(J=6-5) Transition
American Astronomical Society, DPS meeting #44, #504.04 - October 14 to Friday October 19, 2012, 2012, Reno, United States
hal-01117884v1  Conference papers
Christopher S., JacobsF., AriasD., BoboltzJ., BoehmS., Bolotin et al.  ICRF-3: Roadmap to the Next Generation International Celestial Reference Frame
2014adla.confE..1J - Astronomía Dinámica en Latino-América (ADeLA), Santiago, Chile, 29 Sep to Oct 01, 2014, Sep 2014, Santiago, Chile
hal-00083475v1  Journal articles
Danièle HauserHubert BrangerS. Bouffies-ClochéS. DespiauW. Drennan et al.  The FETCH experiment : an overview
Journal of Geophysical Research. Oceans, Wiley-Blackwell, 2003, 108 (C3), 8053 (12pp.). ⟨10.1029/2001JC001202⟩
hal-01082271v1  Conference papers
Alexander HayesMarco MastrogiuseppeRalph LorenzJason HofgartnerJonathan Lunine et al.  The Depth, Composition, and Sea State of Titan’s Mare
American Astronomical Society, DPS Meeting , Nov 2014, Tucson, United States. pp.#112.09
hal-00566456v1  Conference papers
Franck LefèvreEric HébrardFrançois Forget. Chemistry of Methane and Related Hydrocarbons in the atmosphere of Mars
Fourth International Workshop on the Mars Atmosphere: Modelling and Observations, Feb 2011, Paris, France. pp.325
hal-00978991v1  Conference papers
C. Sánchez ContrerasL. VelillaJ. AlcoleaG. Quintana-LacaciJ. Cernicharo et al.  Mm-wave and far-IR Molecular line survey of OH 231.8+4.2: Hard-boiled rotten eggs
Asymmetrical Planetary Nebulae VI, 2013, Playa del Carmen, Mexico. pp.88
hal-00620907v1  Journal articles
R. C. GhailColin WilsonMarina GalandDavid J. HallChris Cochrane et al.  EnVision: taking the pulse of our twin planet
Experimental Astronomy, Springer Link, 2012, 33 (2-3), pp.337-363. ⟨10.1007/S10686-011-9244-3⟩
hal-00023313v1  Journal articles
E. GardanE. GerardT. Le Bertre. Atomic hydrogen in AGB circumstellar environments. A case study : X Her
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Oxford University Press (OUP): Policy P - Oxford Open Option A, 2006, 365, pp.245-254
hal-00405346v1  Conference papers
Alice Le GallM. A. JanssenR. D. LorenzH. ZebkerL. Wye et al.  Radar-Bright Channels on Titan
40th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Lunar and Planetary Science XL, Mar 2009, The Woodland, Texas, United States.
hal-00404883v1  Conference papers
D. DespoisN. BiverD. Bockelée-MorvanJ. Crovisier. Observations of Molecules in Comets
Astrochemistry: Recent Successes and Current Challenges, Proceedings of the 231st Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Pacific Grove, California, USA, August 29-September 2, 2005, 2005, Pacific Grove, California, United States. pp.469-478, ⟨10.1017/S1743921306007484⟩
hal-00403311v1  Conference papers
P. Pernot.Nathalie CarrascoM. DobrijevicEric HébrardSylvain Plessis et al.  Extraterrestrial cold chemistry. A need for a specific database
European Planetary Science Congress 2008, Sep 2008, Munster, Germany
hal-00403328v1  Conference papers
T. CavaliéF. BillebaudE. LellouchN. BiverM. Dobrijevic et al.  Detection of water vapor on Jupiter with the Odin space telescope.
European Planetary Science Congress 2007,, Aug 2007, Potsdam, Germany. pp.609
hal-00330227v2  Journal articles
P. CiaisA. V. BorgesG. AbrilMichel MeybeckG. Folberth et al.  The impact of lateral carbon fluxes on the European carbon balance
Biogeosciences, European Geosciences Union, 2008, 5 (5), pp.1259-1271. ⟨10.5194/bg-5-1259-2008⟩
hal-00128322v1  Conference papers
R. MorenoE. LellouchT. EncrenazF. ForgetE. Chassefiere et al.  Wind measurements in Mars' middle atmosphere at equinox and solstice: IRAM Plateau de Bure interferometric CO observations
Second workshop on Mars atmosphere modelling and observations, held February 2 7 - March 3, 2006 Granada, Spain. Edited by F. Forget, M.A. Lopez-Valverde, M.C. Desjean, J.P. Huot, F. Lefevre, S. Lebonnois, S.R. Lewis, E. Millour, P.L. Read and R.J. Wilson. Publisher : LMD, IAA, AOPP, CNES, ESA, 2006., p.134, 2006, Granada, Spain
hal-00401169v1  Journal articles
M. BoquienP. -A. DucY. WuV. CharmandarisU. Lisenfeld et al.  Collisional debris as laboratories to study star formation
The Astronomical Journal, American Astronomical Society, 2009, 137 (6), pp.4561-4576. ⟨10.1088/0004-6256/137/6/4561⟩
insu-01248994v1  Conference papers
Jani RadebaughDario VentraRalph LorenzTom FarrRandolph Kirk et al.  Alluvial Fans on Titan Reveal Atmosphere and Surface Interactions and Material Transport
AGU Fall Meeting 2015, Dec 2015, San Francisco, United States. pp.P12B-01
hal-00752260v1  Conference papers
Emeline BolmontSean N. RaymondJ. Leconte. Tidal Evolution of Multiple Planet Systems Around Brown Dwarfs
American Astronomical Society, DPS meeting #44, #100.05 2012, 14-19 -October, Reno, USA - 2012, 2012, Reno, United States. pp.100.05
hal-00363330v1  Journal articles
Athena CoustenisSushil K. AtreyaT. BalintR.H. BrownM.K. Dougherty et al.  TandEM: Titan and Enceladus mission
Experimental Astronomy, Springer Link, 2009, 23 (3), pp.893-946. ⟨10.1007/s10686-008-9103-z⟩
hal-00665046v1  Conference papers
S. PlessisNathalie CarrascoM. DobrijevicP. Pernot. Production of neutral species in Titan's ionosphere through dissociative recombination of ions as measured by INMS
EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2011, held 2-7 October 2011 in Nantes, France. p.121, 2011, Oct 2011, Nantes, France. pp.121
hal-00347474v1  Conference papers
F. CrifoGérard JasniewiczC. SoubiranL. VeltzD. Hestroffer et al.  Radial velocity standards for the GAIA-RVS
Proceedings SF2A 2008 Scientific Highlights, Jun 2008, Paris, France. pp.13