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FPGA-Based Platform design of a Bio-Inspired Medical Hearing : Prosody modification of speech

L. Bendaouia , F. Ykhlef , Hassen Salhi , M. Karabernou , L. Kessal et al.
Conference on Design of Circuits and Integrated Systems, Nov 2012, Avignon, France
Conference papers hal-01282449v1

Adaptive Multimedia Retrieval: Large-Scale Multimedia Retrieval and Evaluation

Marcin Detyniecki , Ana García-Serrano , Andreas Nürnberger , Sebastian Stober
9th International Workshop on Adaptive Multimedia Retrieval, AMR 2011, Jul 2011, Barcelona, Spain. 7836, Springer, pp.141, 2013, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 978-3-642-37424-1. ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-37425-8⟩
Proceedings hal-01222043v1

Stability-based comparison of class discovery methods for DNA copy number profiles.

Isabel Brito , Philippe Hupé , Pierre Neuvial , Emmanuel Barillot
PLoS ONE, 2012, 8 (12), pp.e81458
Journal articles hal-01201580v1

Competitive Diffusion of Gases in a Zeolite Bed: NMR and Slice Selection Procedure, Modeling, and Parameter Identification

M. Petryk , Sébastien Leclerc , D. Canet , I. Sergienko , V. Deineka et al.
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2015, 119 (47), pp.26519 - 26525. ⟨10.1021/acs.jpcc.5b07974⟩
Journal articles hal-01431806v1

A radial line slot array focusing in the near field: Analysis and design

Mauro Ettorre , Massimiliano Casaletti , Guido Valerio , Laurent Le Coq , Ronan Sauleau et al.
Conference EuCAP 2014, Apr 2014, La Haye, Netherlands. pp.1222 - 1226, ⟨10.1109/EuCAP.2014.6901996⟩
Conference papers hal-01071544v1

Large-scale dynamics of horizontal transfers

Luigi Grassi , Jacopo Grilli , Marco Cosentino Lagomarsino
Mobile Genetic Elements, 2012, 2 (3), pp.163 - 167. ⟨10.4161/mge.21112⟩
Journal articles hal-01588577v1

Modeling CO2 ice clouds with a Mars Global Climate Model

Joachim Audouard , Anni Määttänen , Constantino Listowski , Ehouarn Millour , François Forget et al.
DPS 48 / EPSC 11 (Division for Planetary Sciences and the European Planetary Science Congress), Oct 2016, Pasadena, United States.
Conference papers insu-01380332v1

Towards an Automatic Modeling Tool for Observed System Behavior

Thomas Begin , Alexandre Brandwajn , Bruno Baynat , Bernd Wolfinger , Serge Fdida et al.
Fourth European Performance Engineering Workshop, EPEW 2007, Sep 2007, Berlin, Germany. pp.200-212, ⟨10.1007/978-3-540-75211-0_15⟩
Conference papers istex hal-01311804v1

Predictive Models for Sequence Modelling, Application to Speech and Character Recognition

Patrick Gallinari
Adaptive Processing of Sequences and Data Structures, Sep 1997, Vietri sul Mare, Salerno, Italy. pp.418-434, ⟨10.1007/BFb0054007⟩
Conference papers istex hal-01622717v1

Analysis of Cassini/CIRS limb spectra of Titan acquired during the nominal mission. I. Hydrocarbons, nitriles and CO2 vertical mixing ratio profiles

Sandrine Vinatier , B. Bézard , C.A. Nixon , A. Mamoutkine , R.C. Carlson et al.
Icarus, 2010, 205 (2), pp.559-570. ⟨10.1016/j.icarus.2009.08.013⟩
Journal articles hal-01136719v1

Dust production in debris discs: constraints on the smallest grains

P. Thebault
Astronomy and Astrophysics - A&A, 2016, 587, pp.A88. ⟨10.1051/0004-6361/201527626⟩
Journal articles hal-01311969v1

Probabilistic Asynchronous Arbitrary Pattern Formation (Short Paper)

Quentin Bramas , Sébastien Tixeuil
International Symposium on Stabilization, Safety, and Security of Distributed Systems (SSS 2016), Nov 2016, Lyon, France. pp.88-93, ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-49259-9_7⟩
Conference papers hal-01491832v1

Proceedings of the 1st workshop on Reverse Variability Engineering (REVE), associated with CSMR 2013

Roberto Erick Lopez-Herrejon , Tewfik Ziadi , Jabier Martinez , Anil Kumar
Proceedings hal-01222060v1

Model for qualitative decision relying on case-based reasoning

Jean-Michel Monnet , J.-Ph. Lagrange , Jean-Charles Pomerol , Régine Teulier
ECAI'98 Workshop on Qualitative Decision, Aug 1998, Brighton, United Kingdom
Conference papers hal-01623168v1

Noise and Synchronization of a Single Active Colloid

Nicolas Bruot , Loïc Damet , Jurij Kotar , Pietro Cicuta , Marco Cosentino Lagomarsino et al.
Physical Review Letters, 2011, 107 (9), ⟨10.1103/PhysRevLett.107.094101⟩
Journal articles hal-01589021v1

The Use of fuzzy Preference Models in Multiple Criteria Choice, Ranking and Sorting

Janos Fodor , Sergei Orlovski , Patrice Perny , Marc Roubens
Fuzzy Sets in Decision Analysis, Operations Research and Statistics, 1, Springer, pp.69-101, 1998, The Handbooks of Fuzzy Sets Series, ⟨10.1007/978-1-4615-5645-9_3⟩
Book sections istex hal-01623193v1

Using Multi-Agent Systems to Study Cells Interaction. International Transactions on Systems Science and Applications

Lynda Dib , Zahia Guessoum
International Transactions on Systems Science and Applications, 2007, 3 (3), pp.269-278
Journal articles hal-01169869v1

Relationship between the rubbing surface and the squeal occurrence :Investigation of third-body effect

Narinder Singla , Jean-François Brunel , Alexandre Mège-Revil , Yannick Desplanques , Huayi Chen et al.
8th Workshop GEC-Beihang, May 2015, Marseilles, France
Conference papers hal-01766496v1

Regioselective N-alkylation of imidazo[4,5-b]pyridine-4-oxide derivatives: an experimental and DFT study

Wael Zeinyeh , Julien Pilmé , Sylvie Radix , Nadia Walchshofer
Tetrahedron Letters, 2009, 50 (16), pp.1828 - 1833. ⟨10.1016/j.tetlet.2009.02.006⟩
Journal articles hal-01800189v1

CPU Load Prediction Using Neuro-Fuzzy and Bayesian Inferences

Kadda Beghdad Bey , Farid Benhammadi , Zahia Guessoum , Aicha Mokhtari
Neurocomputing, 2011, 74 (10), pp.1606-1616. ⟨10.1016/j.neucom.2011.01.009⟩
Journal articles hal-01169910v1

Dramatic response of a BRAF V600E-mutated primary CNS histiocytic sarcoma to vemurafenib.

Ahmed Idbaih , Karima Mokhtari , Jean-François Emile , Damien Galanaud , Hayat Belaid et al.
Neurology, 2014, 83 (16), pp.1478-80. ⟨10.1212/WNL.0000000000000880⟩
Journal articles hal-01251576v1

The Number Field Sieve in the Medium Prime Case

Antoine Joux , Reynald Lercier , Nigel Smart , Frederik Vercauteren
CRYPTO 2006, Aug 2006, Santa Barbara, United States. ⟨10.1007/11818175_19⟩
Conference papers hal-01102034v1

Towards reliable multi-agent systems: An adaptive replication mechanism

Zahia Guessoum , Jean-Pierre Briot , Nora Faci , Olivier Marin
Multiagent and Grid Systems - An International Journal of Cloud Computing , 2010, 6 (1), pp.1-24. ⟨10.3233/MGS-2010-0139⟩
Journal articles hal-01170014v1

A context-oriented model for domain-independent context management.

Vaninha Vieira dos Santos , Patrick Brézillon , Anna Carolina Salgado , Patricia Tedesco
Revue des Sciences et Technologies de l'Information - Série RIA : Revue d'Intelligence Artificielle, 2008, 22 (5), pp.609-627
Journal articles hal-01170230v1

Contextualizations in a social network

Patrick Brézillon
Revue des Sciences et Technologies de l'Information - Série RIA : Revue d'Intelligence Artificielle, 2005, 19 (3), pp.575-594. ⟨10.3166/ria.19.575-594⟩
Journal articles istex hal-01170257v1

From expert systems to context-based intelligent assistant systems: a testimony

Patrick Brézillon
Knowledge Engineering Review, 2011, 26 (1), pp.19-24. ⟨10.1017/S0269888910000366⟩
Journal articles hal-01170286v1

Nonlinearities in electrostatic vibration energy harvesters: A review using the example of a charge pump conditioning circuit

Elena Blokhina , Eoghan O'Riordan , Orla Feely , Dimitri Galayko
Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), 2014 IEEE International Symposium on, Jun 2014, Melbourne VIC, Australia. ⟨10.1109/ISCAS.2014.6865706⟩
Conference papers hal-01522174v1

MPF is activated in growing immature Xenopus oocytes in the absence of detectable tyrosine dephosphorylation of P34cdc2

Hélène Rime , J. Yang , Catherine Jessus , René Ozon
Experimental Cell Research, 1991, 196, pp.241-245. ⟨10.1016/0014-4827(91)90257-U⟩
Journal articles istex hal-02715903v1


Sébastien Gulluni , Slim Essid , Olivier Buisson , Gael Richard
ISMIR, 2011, Miami, United States
Conference papers hal-02713906v1

Spatial variation and temporal persistence of grapevine response to a soil texture gradient

T. Winkel , Serge Rambal , Thierry Bariac
Geoderma, 1995, 68, pp.67-78
Journal articles hal-02713283v1

Tectonic erosion along the Japan and Peru convergent margins

Roland von Huene , Serge Lallemand
Geological Society of America Bulletin, 1990, 102, pp.704-720
Journal articles hal-03277141v1

A molecular and isotopic study of the organic matter from the Paris basin, France

Eric Lichtfouse , P. Albrecht , F. Béhar , J.M. Hayes
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 1994, 58, pp.209-221
Journal articles hal-02713023v1

Web QoE: Moving beyond Google's SpeedIndex .

Enrico Bocchi , Luca de Cicco , D. Rossi
Finalist at the IEEE INFOCOM Innovation Challenge, Apr 2016, San Francisco, United States
Conference papers hal-01383248v1

ModelGraft: Accurate, Scalable, and Flexible Performance Evaluation of General Cache Networks

Michele Tortelli , D. Rossi , E. Leonardi
ITC28,, Sep 2016, Wuerzburg, Germany
Conference papers hal-01383251v1

SLICT: Secure Localized Information Centric Things

Marcel Enguehard , Ralph Droms , D. Rossi
ACM ICN, IC5G workshop, Sep 2016, Kyoto, Japan. pp.255-260
Conference papers hal-01383270v1

Running ModelGraft to Evaluate Internet-scale ICN

Michele Tortelli , D. Rossi , E. Leonardi
ACM ICN, Demo session, Sep 2016, Kyoto, Japan. pp.213-214
Conference papers hal-01383260v1

Spin waves of the spin-polarized electron gas in semimagnetic quantum wells

F Perez , Bernard Jusserand , D Richards , G Karczewski
physica status solidi (b), 2006, 243 (4), pp.873-877. ⟨10.1002/pssb.200564603⟩
Journal articles istex hal-01284385v1

Labeled Neuro-Fuzzy Classifier

Mohamed Nemissi , Hamid Seridi , Herman Akdag
Asian Journal of Information Technology, 2005, 4 (9), pp.868-872
Journal articles hal-01172272v1

Explicit investment rules with time-to-build and uncertainty

R Aïd , S. Federico , H. Pham , B. Villeneuve
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2015, 51, pp.240-256. ⟨10.1016/j.jedc.2014.10.010⟩
Journal articles hal-01172277v1

A Real-Time, Multi-View Fall Detection System: a LHMM-Based Approach

Nicolas Thome , Serge Miguet , Sébastien Ambellouis
IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, 2008, 18 (11), pp.1522-1532. ⟨10.1109/TCSVT.2008.2005606⟩
Journal articles hal-01172413v1

Characterization , acidity and catalytic activity of Ga-SBA-15 materials prepared following differentsynthesis procedures

Leon Gengembre , Benjamin Jarry , Franck Launay , Jean-Philippe Nogier , Valerie Montouillout et al.
Applied Catalysis A : General, 2006, 309(2), pp.177-186. ⟨10.1016/j.apcata2006.04.044⟩
Journal articles hal-00105289v1

Himantolophus pseudalbinares Bertelsen & Krefft, 1988, a junior synonym of H. albinares Maul, 1961 (Himantolophidae), with the first record from the Pacific Ocean

Samuel Paco Iglésias
Cybium : Revue Internationale d’Ichtyologie, 2005, 29, pp.191-194
Journal articles hal-00108097v1

Corn pollen dispersal : Quasi-mechanistic models and field experiments

C. Laredo , E.K. Klein , C. Lavigne , X. Foueillassar , P.H. Gouyon et al.
Ecological monographs, 2003, 73 n.1, pp.131-150
Journal articles hal-00103974v1

Tail fields generated by symbol counts in measure preserving systems

J.P. Thouvenot , K. Petersen
Colloquium Mathematicum, 2004, 101 n.1, pp.9-24
Journal articles hal-00103558v1

Noise from turbo-charged diesel engine exhaust systems

H. Boden , A. Torregrosa , F. Ollivier , K. Peat , R. Fairbrother et al.
12th International Congrès on Sound and Vibration, 2005, Lisbon, Portugal
Conference papers hal-00104013v1

Rayleigh waves in anisotropic crystals rotating about the normal to a symmetry plane.

Michel Destrade
Journal of Applied Mechanics, 2004, 71, pp.516
Journal articles hal-00104026v1

Some results on finite amplitude elastic waves propagating in rotating media.

Michel Destrade , Giuseppe Saccomandi
Acta Mechanica, 2004, 173, pp.19
Journal articles hal-00104040v1

The speed of the piezoacoustic Bleustein-Gulyaev surface wave.

Michel Destrade
Symposium on recent advances in mechanics and materials, Apr 2005, Dublin, Ireland
Conference papers hal-00104068v1

Exact solutions for Bleustein-Gulyaev waves in some functionally graded materials.

Bernard Collet , Michel Destrade , Gérard A. Maugin
World Congress on Ultrasonics - Ultrasonics International, Sep 2005, Pékin, China
Conference papers hal-00104084v1

On a one-parameter generalization of the Brownian bridge and associated quadratic functionals

R. Mansuy
Journal of Theoretical Probability, 2004, 17 n.4, pp.1021-1029
Journal articles hal-00103440v1