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hal-00004577v1  Journal articles
Ivan FaveroGuillaume CassaboisDavid DarsonChristophe VoisinClaude Delalande et al.  Giant optical anisotropy in a single InAs quantum dot
Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures, Elsevier, 2005, 26, pp.51
hal-00005092v1  Journal articles
F. DurretG. B. Lima NetoW. Forman. An XMM-Newton view of the cluster of galaxies Abell 85
Astronomy and Astrophysics - A&A, EDP Sciences, 2005, 432, pp.809
hal-00272279v1  Journal articles
J. C. LamyI. WargonM. BaretD. Ben SmailP. Milani et al.  Post-activation depression in various group I spinal pathways in humans.
Experimental Brain Research, Springer Verlag, 2005, 166 (2), pp.248-62. ⟨10.1007/s00221-005-2360-4⟩
hal-01486648v1  Conference papers
Brigitte de La PassardièrePierre Jarraud. LOM facing Reality - Indexation through a Virtual University Project
World Conference ED-Media 2005, Jun 2005, Montreal, Canada. pp.503-510
hal-00005406v1  Journal articles
N. D. Lanzillotti KimuraA. FainsteinBernard Jusserand. Phonon Bloch oscillations in acoustic-cavity structures
Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (1998-2015), American Physical Society, 2005, 71, pp.041305. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevB.71.041305⟩
hal-00005741v1  Journal articles
Boris Pioline. BPS Black Hole Degeneracies and Minimal Automorphic Representations
Journal of High Energy Physics, Springer, 2005, 0508, pp.071
hal-01487874v1  Conference papers
Farid BenbadisMarcelo Dias de AmorimSerge Fdida. ELIP: Embedded Location Information Protocol
NETWORKING 2005 - 4th International IFIP-TC6 Networking Conference, May 2005, Waterloo, Canada. pp.1156-1167, ⟨10.1007/11422778_93⟩
hal-01489181v1  Conference papers
Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier. Some Applications of Fuzzy Logic in Data Mining and Information Retrieval
EUSFLAT Conference, Sep 2005, Barcelona, Spain. pp.21-21
hal-01489739v1  Conference papers
Alda Lopes GançarskiPedro Rangel Henriques. IXQuery: Interactive and Information Retrieval XQuery
ELPUB 2005 - 9th ICCC International Conference on Electronic Publishing, Jun 2005, Leuven, Belgium. pp.211-216
hal-01154066v1  Journal articles
Meryem MarzoukiRikke Frank Joergensen. A Human Rights Assessment of the World Summit on the Information Society
Information Technologies and International Development, University of Southern California, Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, 2005, 1 (3-4), pp.86-88
hal-01489024v1  Conference papers
Sarah SharafkandiNaceur Malouch. Simple and Effective End-to-End Approach to increase TCP Throughput over Ad-hoc Networks
ITC'19 - 19th International TELETRAFFIC CONGRESS, Aug 2005, Beijing, China
hal-01489719v1  Conference papers
David MobachBenno OvereinderOlivier MarinFrances Brazier. Lease-based Decentralized Resource Management in Open Multi-Agent Systems
18th International Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference (FLAIRS '2005), May 2005, Clearwater Beach, Florida, United States. pp.339-344
hal-01796474v1  Conference papers
Ghiles MostafaouiCatherine AchardMaurice Milgram. Real Time Tracking of Multiple Persons on Colour Image Sequences
Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems : 7th International Conference,, 2005, Antwerp, Belgium
in2p3-00455318v1  Journal articles
J. GuyP. AstierS. NobiliN. RegnaultR. Pain. SALT: a spectral adaptive light curve template for type Ia supernovae
Astronomy and Astrophysics - A&A, EDP Sciences, 2005, 443, pp.781-791. ⟨10.1051/0004-6361:20053025⟩
hal-00119883v1  Conference papers
C. Camy-PeyretD. MondelainValéry Catoire. ”Balloon-borne and airborne TDLS instruments : results from SPIRALE and prospects for SIMCO.”
5th International Conference on Tunable Diode Laser Spectroscopy, Florence, Italie, 11-15 juillet 2005, 2005, Florence, Italy
hal-00119880v1  Conference papers
C. Camy-Peyret. “Mesures à distance de la composition chimique de l'atmosphère terrestre à partir de ballons et de satellites.”
Groupe de contact FNRS, FUNDP, Namur, Belgique, 17 février 2005, 2005, Namur, Belgium
hal-01493248v1  Book sections
Amal El Fallah-SeghrouchniAlexandru Suna. CLAIM and SyMPA: A Programming Environment for Intelligent and Mobile Agents
Multi-Agent Programming: Languages, Platforms and Applications, Springer-Verlag, pp.95-122, 2005, 0387245685. ⟨10.1007/0-387-26350-0_4⟩
hal-00758739v1  Journal articles
Céline GélisD. LeparouxJean VirieuxAdnand BitriStéphane Operto et al.  Numerical Modeling of Surface Waves Over Shallow Cavities
Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, Society of Exploration Geophysicists, 2005, 10 (2), pp.111-121. ⟨10.2113/JEEG10.2.111⟩
hal-01492624v1  Conference papers
Gustavo AndradeGeber RamalhoVincent Corruble. Challenge-Sensitive Action Selection: an Application to Game Balancing
International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology, Sep 2005, Compiègne, France. pp.194-200, ⟨10.1109/IAT.2005.52⟩
halshs-00268974v1  Conference papers
Fabien LangeMichel Grabisch. New axiomatizations of the Shapley interaction index for bi-capacities
EUSFLAT 2005 - 4th European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology, Sep 2005, Barcelona, Spain. pp.198-203
hal-00003543v1  Journal articles
V. A. YerokhinPaul IndelicatoV. M. Shabaev. Two-loop self-energy contribution to the Lamb shift in H-like ions
Physical Review A : Atomic, molecular, and optical physics, 2005, 71, pp.040101(R)-4. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevA.71.040101⟩
hal-00184069v1  Conference papers
Mohamed BecherifEduardo Mendes. Stability and robustness of disturbed-port controlled Hamiltonian systems with dissipation
16th IFAC World Congress, Jul 2005, Prague, Czech Republic. pp.Th-A03-TO/3
hal-00102594v1  Journal articles
K. KazymyrenkoS. DusuelBenoît Douçot. Quantum wire networks with local Z2 symmetry
Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (1998-2015), American Physical Society, 2005, 72, pp.235114
hal-00108097v1  Journal articles
Samuel Paco Iglésias. Himantolophus pseudalbinares Bertelsen & Krefft, 1988, a junior synonym of H. albinares Maul, 1961 (Himantolophidae), with the first record from the Pacific Ocean
Cybium : Revue Internationale d’Ichtyologie, Paris : Muséum national d'histoire naturelle, 2005, 29, pp.191-194