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3-D modeling of geologic maps from surface data

Damien Dhont , Pascal Luxey , Jean Chorowicz
AAPG Bulletin, 2005, 89(11), pp.1465-1474. ⟨10.1306/06270504108⟩
Journal articles hal-00020176v1

3-D Modeling of Thin Sheets in the Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Transient Scattering Analysis

Mohamed Boubekeur , Abelin Kameni , Laurent Bernard , Axel Modave , Lionel Pichon et al.
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 2014, 50 (2), pp.493-496. ⟨10.1109/TMAG.2013.2284505⟩
Journal articles hal-01096522v1

3-D modelling of salt and heat transport during the 248 m.y. evolution of the Paris basin : diagenetic implications

Julio Gonçalvès , Sophie Violette , Cécile Robin , Maurice Pagel , François Guillocheau et al.
Bulletin de la Société Géologique de France, 2003, 174 (5), pp.429 - 439. ⟨10.2113/174.5.429⟩
Journal articles hal-01501957v1

3-D Numerical Evaluation of Trapped Magnetic Field and Temperature of a Rectangular GdBaCuO Bulk Magnetized by MMPSC Method

Mohamed Lotfi Khene , Lotfi Alloui , Frédéric Bouillault , Abelin Kameni Ntichi , Souri Mohamed Mimoune et al.
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 2015, 51 (3), pp.9000204. ⟨10.1109/TMAG.2014.2360839⟩
Journal articles hal-01237993v1

3-D PIC Numerical Investigations of a Novel Concept of Multistage Axial Vircator for Enhanced Microwave Generation

Stéphanie Champeaux , Philippe Gouard , Richard Cousin , Jean Larour
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, 2015, 43 (11), pp.3841-3855. ⟨10.1109/TPS.2015.2477561⟩
Journal articles hal-01551660v1

3-D process modelling of ancient storm-dominated deposits by an event-based approach: Application to Pleistocene-to-modern Gulf of Lions deposits

L. Laigle , Pierre Joseph , G. De Marsily , S. Violette
Marine Geology, 2013, 335, pp.177-199. ⟨10.1016/j.margeo.2012.11.007⟩
Journal articles hal-01196252v1

3-D scapular kinematics during arm elevation: Effect of motion velocity.

F. Fayad , G. Hoffmann , S. Hanneton , Chadi Yazbeck , Mm Lefevre-Colau et al.
Clinical Biomechanics, 2006, Article in Press, Epub ahead of print. ⟨10.1016/j.clinbiomech.2006.04.015⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00093941v1

3-methyltriaromatic steroids in sediments. Molecular fossils with unknown precursors

Eric Lichtfouse , P. Albrecht , F. Béhar
Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds, 1993, 3, pp.635-638
Journal articles hal-02706417v1

3-Pentanone LIF at elevated temperatures and pressures: measurements and modeling

Vincent Modica , Céline Morin , Philippe Guibert
Applied Physics B - Laser and Optics, 2007, 87 (1), pp.193 - 204. ⟨10.1007/s00340-006-2548-8⟩
Journal articles istex hal-01670666v1

3-substituted prolines: from synthesis to structural applications, from peptides to foldamers.

Céline Mothes , Cécile Caumes , Alexandre Guez , Héloïse Boullet , Thomas Gendrineau et al.
Molecules, 2013, 18 ((2)), pp.2307-27. ⟨10.3390/molecules18022307⟩
Journal articles hal-00797316v1

3,6-Diamino-4-(2-halophenyl)-2-benzoylthieno[2,3-b]pyridine-5-carbonitriles are Selective Inhibitors of Plasmodium falciparum Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3 (PfGSK-3)

Wiebke Fugel , Anselm Erich Oberholzer , Bernhard Gschloessl , Ron Dzikowski , Narkiss Pressburger et al.
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2013, 56 (1), pp.264-275. ⟨10.1021/jm301575n⟩
Journal articles hal-02646531v1

3'-Substituted 7-halogenoindirubins, a new class of cell death inducing agents.

Yoan Ferandin , Karima Bettayeb , Marina Kritsanida , Olivier Lozach , Panagiotis Polychronopoulos et al.
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2006, 49 (15), pp.4638-49. ⟨10.1021/jm060314i⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00169375v1

3+1 geodesic equation and images in numerical spacetimes

F Vincent , E Gourgoulhon , J Novak
Classical and Quantum Gravity, 2012, 29 (24), pp.245005. ⟨10.1088/0264-9381/29/24/245005⟩
Journal articles hal-03173608v1

300 IR HDM tablet: a sublingual immunotherapy tablet for the treatment of house dust mite-associated allergic rhinitis

Pascal Demoly , Yoshitaka Okamoto , William Yang , Philippe Devillier , Karl-Christian Bergmann et al.
Expert Review of Clinical Immunology, 2016, 12 (11), pp.1141 - 1151. ⟨10.1080/1744666X.2016.1237288⟩
Journal articles hal-01824492v1

32,35-Anhydrobacteriohopanetetrol : an unusual bacteriohopanepolyol widespread in recent and past environments

A. Bednarczyk , T. Carrillo Hernandez , P. Schaeffer , P. Adam , H.M. Talbot et al.
Organic Geochemistry, 2005, 36, pp.673-677. ⟨10.1016/j.orggeochem.2004.10.014⟩
Journal articles istex bioemco-00146120v1

350 Micron Dust Emission from High Redshift Objects

Dominic J. Benford , Pierre Cox , Alain Omont , Thomas G. Phillips , Richard G. Mcmahon et al.
The Astrophysical Journal, 1999, 518, pp.L65
Journal articles hal-00005531v1

355-nm high spectral resolution airborne lidar LNG: system description and first results

Didier Bruneau , Jacques Pelon , Frédéric Blouzon , Joseph Spatazza , Pascal Genau et al.
Applied optics, 2015, 54 (29), pp.8776-8785. ⟨10.1364/AO.54.008776⟩
Journal articles insu-01228951v1

3C-SiC nanocrystal growth on 10 degrees miscut Si(001) surface

Geetanjali Deokar , Marie d'Angelo , Dominique Demaille , Catherine Deville Cavellin
Thin Solid Films, 2014, 556, pp.195-199. ⟨10.1016/j.tsf.2014.01.070⟩
Journal articles hal-01237451v1

3D analysis of applied field effect on trapped magnetic field during pulsed field magnetization of bulk superconductor

Mohamed Lotfi Khene , Lotfi Alloui , Souri Mohamed Mimoune , Frédéric Bouillault , Mouloud Feliachi et al.
European Physical Journal: Applied Physics, 2014, 66 (1), pp.10601. ⟨10.1051/epjap/2014130479⟩
Journal articles istex hal-01104284v1

3D computational imaging of the petrosal of a new multituberculate mammal from the Late Cretaceous of China and its paleobiologic inferences.

S. Ladevèze , C. de Muizon , M. Colbert , T. Smith
Comptes Rendus Palevol, 2010, 9 (6-7), pp.319-330. ⟨10.1016/j.crpv.2010.07.008⟩
Journal articles hal-00628585v1

3D crystal: how flat its flat facets are?

T. Bodineau , R.H. Schonman , Senya Shlosman
Communications in Mathematical Physics, 2006, 255 n.3, pp.747-766
Journal articles hal-00101822v1

3D electrical resistivity imaging of the near-surface structure of mud-volcano vents

H. Zeyen , M. Pessel , B. Ledésert , R. Hébert , D. Bartier et al.
Tectonophysics, 2011, 509 (3-4), pp.181-190 ⟨10.1016/j.tecto.2011.05.007⟩
Journal articles hal-00599736v1

3D electron microscopy of biological nanomachines: principles and applications

C. O. S. Sorzano , S. Jonic , M. Cottevieille , E. Larquet , N. Boisset et al.
European Biophysics Journal, 2007, 36 (8), pp.995-1013. ⟨10.1007/s00249-007-0203-x⟩
Journal articles istex hal-01148407v1

3D Evolution of a Filament Disappearance Event Observed by STEREO

Sanjay Gosain , Brigitte Schmieder , P. Venkatakrishnan , Ramesh Chandra , Guy Artzner et al.
Solar Physics, 2009, 259, pp.13-30. ⟨10.1007/s11207-009-9448-0⟩
Journal articles hal-03733130v1

3D external restorations of stegocephalian skulls using Zbrush : the renaissance of fossil amphibians.

J.S. Steyer , M. Boulay , S. Lorrain
Comptes Rendus Palevol, 2010, 9 (6-7), pp.463-470. ⟨10.1016/j.crpv.2010.07.007⟩
Journal articles hal-00629663v1

3D Finite Element Model for Magnetoelectric Sensors

Xavier Mininger , Nicolas Galopin , Yannick Dennemont , Frédéric Bouillault
European Physical Journal: Applied Physics, 2010, 52 (2), pp.23303. ⟨10.1051/epjap/2010078⟩
Journal articles hal-00623577v1

3D finite-difference dynamic-rupture modeling along nonplanar faults

V. M. Cruz-Atienza , J. Virieux , Hideo Aochi
Geophysics, 2007, 72 (5), pp.SM123 à SM137. ⟨10.1190/1.2766756⟩
Journal articles insu-00355272v1

3D finite-difference frequency-domain modeling of visco-acoustic wave propagation using a massively parallel direct solver: A feasibility study

Stéphane Operto , J. Virieux , Patrick Amestoy , Jean-Yves L'Excellent , Luc Giraud et al.
Geophysics, 2007, 72 (5), pp.SM195 à SM211. ⟨10.1190/1.2759835⟩
Journal articles insu-00355256v1

3D FISH for the quantification of methane- and sulphur-oxidising endosymbionts in bacteriocytes of the hydrothermal vent mussel Bathymodiolus azoricus.

Sébastien Halary , Virginie Riou , Françoise Gaill , Thomas Boudier , Sébastien Duperron et al.
ISME Journal, 2008, 2(3), pp.284-292
Journal articles hal-00420166v1

3D FISH for the quantification of methane- and sulphur-oxidizing endosymbionts in bacteriocytes of the hydrothermal vent mussel Bathymodiolus azoricus.

Sébastien Halary , Virginie Riou , Françoise Gaill , Thomas Boudier , Sébastien Duperron et al.
international society for microbiological ecology, 2008, 2 (3), pp.284-92. ⟨10.1038/ismej.2008.3⟩
Journal articles hal-00325687v1

3D Hybrid nanonetworks from gold-functionalized nanoparticles

Sophie Neveu , Cedric R Mayer , Valerie Cabuil
Advanced Materials, 2002, 14 (8), pp.595
Journal articles hal-00170311v1

3D IC Interconnect Parasitic Capacitance Extraction with a Reformulated PGD Algorithm

Yalan Li , Shuai Yan , Xiaoyu Xu , Pengfei Lyu , Zhuoxiang Ren et al.
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 2017, 53 (6), pp.7200804. ⟨10.1109/TMAG.2017.2648852⟩
Journal articles hal-01513403v1

3D imaging applied to palaeontology and palaeoanthropology: The new " pass walls

P. Taquet
Comptes Rendus Palevol, 2010, 9 (6-7), pp.255-257. ⟨10.1016/j.crpv.2010.09.003⟩
Journal articles hal-00629670v1

3D magnetic optimization of dipole ends with rectangular cross-sections

Etienne Rochepault , Guy Aubert , Pierre Vedrine , Frédéric Bouillault
European Physical Journal: Applied Physics, 2013, 64 (2), pp.24507. ⟨10.1051/epjap/2013120414⟩
Journal articles istex hal-01089715v1

3D magneto-photonic crystals made of silica inverse opals doped by cobalt-ferrite nanoparticles

Renata Kekesi , Francois Royer , Damien Jamon , M.-F. Blanc-Mignon , Elie Abou-Diwan et al.
Optical Materials Express, 2013, 3, pp.935-947
Journal articles ujm-01025555v1

3D Microstructural Architecture of Muscle Attachments in Extant and Fossil Vertebrates Revealed by Synchrotron Microtomography

Sébastien Sanchez , V. Dupret , P. Tafforeau , M. Trinajstic K. , B. Ryll et al.
PLoS ONE, 2013, 8 (2), pp.e56992. ⟨10.1371/journal.pone.0056992⟩
Journal articles hal-00828470v1

3D Model of Shot Dynamics for Ultrasonic Shot Peening

Jawad Badreddine , Emmanuelle Rouhaud , Matthieu Micoulaut , Sébastien Remy , Vincent Desfontaine et al.
Materials Science Forum, 2013, 768-769, pp.503-509. ⟨10.4028/⟩
Journal articles hal-02275856v1

3D modeling of forces between magnet and HTS in a levitation system using new approach of the control volume method based on an unstructured grid

Lotfi Alloui , Frédéric Bouillault , Laurent Bernard , Jean Lévêque , Souri Mimoune et al.
Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications, 2012, 475, pp.32-37. ⟨10.1016/j.physc.2012.01.012⟩
Journal articles hal-00779075v1

3D Modeling of heterogeneous and anisotropic superconducting media

Ludovic Makong , Abelin Kameni , Phillipe Masson , Jonathan Lambrechts , Frédéric Bouillault et al.
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 2016, 52 (3), pp.7205404. ⟨10.1109/TMAG.2015.2497580⟩
Journal articles hal-01236162v1

3D models of specimens with a scarf joint to test the adhesive and cohesive behavior of adhesives

Nicolas Carrere , Claudiu Badulescu , Jean-Yves Cognard , Dominique Leguillon
International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives, 2015, 62, pp.154-164. ⟨10.1016/j.ijadhadh.2015.07.005⟩
Journal articles hal-01213412v1

3D multimodal MRI brain glioma tumor and edema segmentation: a graph cut distribution matching approach.

Ines Njeh , Lamia Sallemi , Ismail Ben Ayed , Khalil Chtourou , Stéphane Lehéricy et al.
Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics, 2015, 40 (4), pp.108-19. ⟨10.1016/j.compmedimag.2014.10.009⟩
Journal articles hal-01251570v1

3D multiscale structural analysis of the Eastern Paris Basin : the ANDRA contribution

Françoise Bergerat , P. Elion , D. Frizon de Lamotte , B. Proudhon , Pascale Combes et al.
Mém. Soc. Géol. France, 2007, 178, pp.15-35
Journal articles hal-00068588v1

3D phase diversity: a myopic deconvolution method for short-exposure images: application to retinal imaging

Guillaume Chenegros , Laurent M. Mugnier , François Lacombe , Marie Glanc
Journal of the Optical Society of America. A Optics, Image Science, and Vision, 2007, 24, pp.1349-1357
Journal articles hal-03801549v1

3D ray+born migration/inversion - Part 2 : application to the SEG/EAGE OVERTHRUST experiment/Geophysics

S. Operto , G. Lambaré , P. Podvin , P. Thierry
Geophysics, 2003, 68 (4), pp.1357-1370. ⟨10.1190/1.1598129⟩
Journal articles hal-00407041v1

3D ray+born migration/inversion. Part I: Theory

G. Lambaré , S. Operto , P. Podvin , P. Thierry
Geophysics, 2003, 68 (4), pp.1348-1356. ⟨10.1190/1.1598128⟩
Journal articles hal-00407026v1

3D Reconstruction of a Rotating Erupting Prominence

W. Thompson , B. Kliem , T. Török
Solar Physics, 2012, 276 (1-2), pp.241-259. ⟨10.1007/s11207-011-9868-5⟩
Journal articles hal-02860270v1

3D shape extraction segmentation and representation of soil microstructures using generalized cylinders

Ndèye Fatou N. F. Ngom , Olivier O. Monga , Mohamed Mahmoud Ould M. M. O. Mohamed , Patricia P. Garnier
Computers & Geosciences, 2012, 39, pp.50-63. ⟨10.1016/j.cageo.2011.06.010⟩
Journal articles hal-01000575v1

3D structural modelling of the southern Zagros fold-and-thrust belt diapiric province

Vincent Trocmé , Emily Albouy , Jean-Paul Callot , Jean Letouzey , Nicolas Rolland et al.
Geological Magazine, 2011, 148 (5-6), pp.879-900. ⟨10.1017/S0016756811000446⟩
Journal articles hal-00642148v1

3D Study of the Morphology and Dynamics of Zeolite Nucleation

Georgian Melinte , Veselina Georgieva , Marie-Anne Springuel-Huet , Andrei Nossov , Ovidiu Ersen et al.
Chemistry - A European Journal, 2015, 21 (50), pp.18316-18327. ⟨10.1002/chem.201501919⟩
Journal articles hal-01275044v1

3D viscous incompressible fluid around one thin obstacle

Christophe Lacave
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 2015, 143 (5), pp.2175-2191. ⟨10.1090/S0002-9939-2014-12409-9⟩
Journal articles hal-00653694v1