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hal-00101855v1  Journal articles
D. BoyanovskyH. J. de VegaN. G. Sanchez. CMB quadrupole suppression: II. The early fast roll stage
Physical Review D, American Physical Society, 2006, 74, pp.123007
hal-01196251v1  Journal articles
M. MeybeckM. KummuH. H. Duerr. Global hydrobelts and hydroregions: improved reporting scale for water-related issues?
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, European Geosciences Union, 2013, 17 (3), pp.1093-1111. ⟨10.5194/hess-17-1093-2013⟩
hal-00012197v1  Conference papers
D. BoyanovskyH. J. de VegaM. Simionato. Primordial magnetic fields from cosmological phase transitions
9 th. Chalonge School in Astrofundamental Physics, 2002, Palermo, Italy. pp.65-100
hal-00309015v1  Journal articles
F. BoudierJ. KoepkeC. Mevel. Root zone of sheeted dike complex in Oman ophiolite-petrological model
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Elsevier, 2007, 71 (Issue 15, Supplement 1,), pp.A48-A138. ⟨10.1016/j.gca.2007.06.012⟩
hal-02323777v1  Conference papers
B. BuysschaertCoralie NeinerA. J. MartinM. E. OksalaC. Aerts. Detecting magnetic fields in Ap/Bp stars observed with the K2 space mission
Stars with a stable magnetic field: from pre-main sequence to compact remnants, Aug 2017, Brno, Czech Republic. pp.82
hal-02323822v1  Conference papers
A. BlazèreP. PetitCoralie Neiner. The magnetic properties of Am stars
Stars with a stable magnetic field: from pre-main sequence to compact remnants, Aug 2017, Brno, Czech Republic. pp.48
hal-02383331v1  Journal articles
B. SchmiederV. BommierR. KitaiT. MatsumotoT. Ishii et al.  Magnetic Causes of the Eruption of a Quiescent Filament
Solar Physics, Springer Verlag, 2008, 247 (2), pp.321-333. ⟨10.1007/s11207-007-9100-9⟩
hal-02382601v1  Poster communications
Y. GuoB. SchmiederV. BommierP. Mein. Magnetic Field Structures in a Facular Region Derived from THEMIS and Hinode Vector Magnetic Field
Leon Golub, Ineke De Moortel and Toshifumi Shimizu. The Fifth Hinode Science Meeting, Oct 2011, Cambridge (Massachusets), United States. 456, pp.55, ASP Conference Series
hal-02356007v1  Conference papers
Y. LebretonT. SonoiDaniel R. ReeseRéza Samadi. Current updated grids of 1D stellar models: Cestam mockgrid.
PLATO SPC WP120 2017 meeting, May 2017, Liège, Belgium
hal-02383085v1  Poster communications
V. BommierE. Landi Degl'InnocentiB. SchmiederB. Gelly. Magnetic Field, Density Current, and Lorentz Force Full Vector Maps of the NOAA 10808 Double Sunspot: Evidence of Strong Horizontal Current Flows in the Penumbra
J. R. Kuhn, S.V. Berdyugina, D.M. Harrington, S. Keil, H. Lin, T. Rimmele and J. Trujillo Bueno. Solar Polarization 6, May 2010, Haleakala Maui (Hawaï), United States. pp.491, Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series
hal-02906603v1  Conference papers
S. MussetN. VilmerV. Bommier. Relations between X-ray emissions, magnetic fields and electric currents during the X2.2 flare on the 15 February 2011
ST1.3: "Particle acceleration mechanisms in solar system plasmas: observations and theory", EGU General Assembly 2014, Apr 2014, Vienne, Austria
hal-02906596v1  Poster communications
C Dominguez-TagleT. AppourchauxJ.J. FourmondC Ruiz de GalarretaA Philippon et al.  Filtergraph calibration for the Polarimetric and Heliosismic Imager
Scientific Detector Workshop 2013, Nov 2013, Florence, Italy. Workshop Proceedings, 7 p., 2013, Scientific Detector Workshop 2013
insu-02060081v1  Conference papers
Arnaud BuchYuanyuan HeCyril SzopaCaroline FreissinetMaeva Millan et al.  Systematic study of impact of Perchlorate on the derivatization reagents (TMAH and MTBSTFA) onboard SAM
American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2018, Dec 2018, Washington, United States. pp.abstract #P21I-3440
insu-01865360v1  Journal articles
Justin DeighanS. JainM. ChaffinX. FangJ. Halekas et al.  Discovery of a proton aurora at Mars
Nature Astronomy, Nature Publishing Group, 2018, 2, pp.802-807. ⟨10.1038/s41550-018-0538-5⟩
insu-01916456v1  Conference papers
Sarah SafieddineCathy ClerbauxAnne BoynardMaya GeorgeJuliette Hadji-Lazaro et al.  IASI satellite observations: best of 2017–2018
Proceedings Light, Energy and the Environment 2018 (E2, FTS, HISE, SOLAR, SSL), Nov 2018, Singapore, Singapore. pp.FT5B.4, ⟨10.1364/FTS.2018.FT5B.4⟩
insu-02052891v1  Conference papers
J. T. ClarkeMajd MayyasiD. BhattacharyyaMichael ChaffinJean-Yves Chaufray et al.  MAVEN IUVS and HST Observations of the Martian Exosphere During the 2018 Dust Storm
American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2018, Dec 2018, Washington, United States
hal-02497226v1  Journal articles
Armelle RiboulleauFrançois BaudinValérie DauxPierre HantzpergueMaurice Renard et al.  Évolution de la paléotempérature des eaux de la plate-forme russe au cours du Jurassique supérieur
Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences - Series IIA - Earth and Planetary Science, Elsevier, 1998, 326 (4), pp.239-246. ⟨10.1016/S1251-8050(97)86813-9⟩
hal-00384240v1  Journal articles
EAS Publications Series, EDP Sciences, 2009, 34, pp.119-129