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hal-03743164v1  Conference papers
Thérèse EncrenazThierry FouchetBruno BézardThomas K. GreathouseFranck Lefèvre et al.  Hydrogen Peroxide on Mars during Northern Summer: Observations and Models
Sixth International Workshop on the Mars Atmosphere: Modelling and observation, Jan 2017, Granada, Spain
hal-03744250v1  Conference papers
Jean-Yves Richard. Comparaisons d'étalons primaires de fréquence distants PTB - OP BNM-SYRTE
18ème Congrès européen sur le temps fréquence EFTF, Apr 2004, Guildford, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
hal-03744247v1  Conference papers
Jean-Yves Richard. Les étalonnages au BNM-SYRTE
Séminaire Temps-Fréquence du SYRTE, 2003, Paris, France
hal-03744245v1  Conference papers
Jean-Yves Richard. Comparaisons d'Horloges inter laboratoires
Réunion du réseau "Mathématique & Statistique pour la Métrologie" du LNE, Oct 2007, LNE, Paris, France
hal-03744243v1  Conference papers
Daniel GambisJean-Yves RichardChristian Bizouard. Why combining at the Observation Level?
REFAG 2010, Oct 2010, Marne-la-Vallée, France, France. pp.111-117
hal-03744154v1  Conference papers
Nicole MeyerAndré MangeneyMilan MaksimovicFilippo PantelliniKarine Issautier. Some Basic Aspects of Solar Wind Acceleration
AIP Conference Proceedings, Jun 2002, Pisa (Italy), Italy. pp.263-266
hal-03744152v1  Conference papers
Karine IssautierMichel MoncuquetSang Hoang. Large-scale structure of the polar solar wind at solar maximum: ULYSSES/URAP observations
AIP Conference Proceedings, Jun 2002, Pisa (Italy), Italy. pp.59-62
hal-03744151v1  Conference papers
Jean-Eudes ArlotFrançoise RoquesWilliam Thuillot. Planetary Science from Teaching Department of Paris Observatory
European Planetary Science Congress 2007, Aug 2007, Potsdam, Germany. pp.920
hal-03744096v1  Conference papers
Melaine SaillenfestMarc FouchardGiacomo TommeiGiovanni B. Valsecchi. The fossil Oort cloud and the dynamics beyond Neptune
European Planetary Science Congress 2015, Sep 2015, Nantes, France
hal-03744095v1  Conference papers
Francesca E. DemeoBenoît CarryC. AlexanderKevin J. WalshC. Chapman. The compositional distribution of asteroids
Asteroids, Comets, Meteors 2014, Jun 2014, Helsinki, Finland
hal-03744094v1  Conference papers
Edouard RichardPacôme DelvaPeter Wolf. Study of a new generation spatio-temporal reference system based on inter-satellite links
Rencontres de Moriond, Gravitation: 100 years after GR, Mar 2015, La Thuile, Italy, Italy
hal-03744093v1  Conference papers
Alain Vienne. Analyse fréquentielle du système de Saturne : buts, difficultés et stratégie adoptée
Journées Scientifiques de l'IMCCE, 2010, Paris, France. pp.83
hal-03744091v1  Conference papers
Thierry FouchetEmmanuel LellouchRiccardo MelchiorriThérèse Encrenaz. Water vapour On Mars from Mars-Express PFS and OMEGA measurements
Mars Atmosphere Modelling and Observations, Feb 2006, Granada, Spain, Spain. pp.243
hal-03744089v1  Conference papers
Darell Strobel. Models and constraints on Titan's atmospheric structure
36th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Jul 2006, Beijing, China, China. pp.681
hal-03744088v1  Conference papers
Regina Rudawska. The parent body search
NASA Workshop: meteor video observations and analysis, Aug 2011, Rosman (United States), United States
hal-03744087v1  Conference papers
Daniel Hestroffer. Détermination d'orbites par inversion statistique
Journées Scientifiques de l'IMCCE, 2008, Paris, France. pp.57
hal-03744086v1  Conference papers
Regina Rudawska. High accuracy meteor orbit determination
NASA Workshop: meteor video observations and analysis, Aug 2011, Rosman (United States), United States
hal-03744085v1  Conference papers
Jean-Eudes ArlotValéry Lainey. Observation of the faint satellites of Jupiter and Saturn
Comm. au colloque The Three Dimensional Universe with Gaia Observatoire de Paris-Meudon, Oct 2004, Observatoire de Paris, France
hal-03744084v1  Conference papers
Adrien HeesJocelyne GuénaMichel AbgrallSébastien BizePeter Wolf. Searching for a massive scalar dark matter using six years of clock data from SYRTE
Proceedings des 52nd Rencontres de Moriond, Mar 2017, La Thuile, Aosta valley, Italy, Italy
hal-03744078v1  Conference papers
William ThuillotValéry LaineyJerôme BerthierFrédéric VachierJean-Eudes Arlot. Virtual Observatory and Ephemerides of the Solar System Objects
Virtual Observatory: Plate Content Digitization, Archive Mining and Image Sequence Processing, Apr 2006, Sofia, Bulgaria, Bulgaria. pp.391-394
hal-03744073v1  Conference papers
Jérémie VaubaillonWilliam ThuillotFrançois ColasJean-Eudes Arlot. Estimation of the errors due to planetary ephemeris
Workshop on the risks connected to a NEO impact, CIAS, Château de Meudon, Sep 2004, Meudon (France), France
hal-03744072v1  Conference papers
Alain DoressoundiramFrançoise RoquesYannick Boissel. Probing the Radial Distribution of the Kuiper Belt Using Stellar Occultations
Lunar and Planetary Institute Science Conference Abstracts, Mar 2009, The Woodlands, Texas, United States. pp.1074
hal-03744071v1  Conference papers
Marc-Antoine DupretPierre-Olivier QuirionG. FontaineP. BrassardA. Grigahcène. Time-dependent convection study of the driving mechanism in the DBV white dwarfs
Proceedings Of The Second HELAS International Conference: Helioseismology, Asteroseismology And MHD Connections, Aug 2007, Göttingen, Germany, Germany. pp.2051, ⟨10.1088/1742-6596/118/1/012051⟩
hal-03744069v1  Conference papers
François Colas. Astrometry with 1 meter telescope at Pic du Midi, Gaia Follow-up Network for Solar System Objects
Workshop held at Paris Observatory, Nov 2010, Observatoire de Paris, France