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Benjamin SultanCécile DardelFrançoise GuichardLaurent KergoatThierry Lebel et al.  Zones semi-arides : le Sahel sensible aux variations de pluie
Changement climatique : quels défis pour le Sud ?, IRD, p. 115-127, 2015, 978-2-7099-2168-8
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Philippe GrandcolasSteven A Trewick. What Is the Meaning of Extreme Phylogenetic Diversity? The Case of Phylogenetic Relict Species
Biodiversity Conservation and Phylogenetic Systematics - Preserving our evolutionary heritage in an extinction crisis, pp.99-115, 2016, ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-22461-9_6⟩
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F. SageJacques DéverchèreG. von GronefeldV. GaullierChristian Gorini et al.  Western Sardinia : regional setting, MSC surfaces & basinal units
Lofi, J.; Deverchère J. & al. Seismic Atlas of the Messian Salinity Crisis markers in the Mediterranean and Black Seas, CGMW/SGF, chap.8A-8B, 2011, Mémoires de la Société Géologique de France, n°179, 2-85363-097-8
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Vincent HerbreteauK. TantrakarnapaW. KhaungaewJean-Louis Janeau. Water and health: what is the risk and visible burden of the exposure to environmental contaminations? Insights from a questionnaire-based survey in Northern Thailand
Serge Morand; Jean-Pierre Dujardin; Régine Lefait-Robin; Chamnarn Apiwathnasorn. Socio-Ecological Dimensions of Infectious Diseases in Southeast Asia, Springer Singapore, pp.75-88, 2015, 978-981-287-526-6
hal-01253051v1  Book sections
Nicolas BecuFredéric AmblardNicolas BraxBenoit GaudouNicolas Marilleau. Vers des modèles multi-acteurs
Simulation spatiale à base d’agents avec NetLogo, Volume 1 : introduction et bases, 2015
hal-00363087v1  Book sections
Harold Levrel. Using indicators to assess interactions
Biosphere reserves. Technical notes., Man and Nature. Making the relationship last. (3-2008), UNESCO Edition, pp.105-107, 2008, Man and Nature. Making the relationship last
cea-02615659v1  Book sections
David GateuilleO. EvrardIrène LefevreElodie Moreau-GuigonFabrice Alliot et al.  Understanding polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon transfers at the catchment scale combining chemical and fallout radionuclides analyses
Erosion and Sediment Yields in the Changing Environment (Proceedings of a symposium held at the Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment,CAS-Chengdu, China, 11–15 October 2012), IAHS Publ. 356, 2012
hal-02823764v1  Book sections
Francoise ElsassClaire ChenuDaniel D. Tessier. Transmission Electron Microscopy for Soil Samples: Preparation Methods and Use
Methods of Soil Analysis. Part 5 : Mineralogical Methods, 5, Soil Science Society of America, 2008, Soil Science Society of America Book Series, 978-0-89118-846-9
hal-02599316v1  Book sections
Julien TournebizeJ. GarnierG. BillenG. G. VilainPaul Passy et al.  Transferts de nitrates et transformations dans un petit bassin versant de la Seine : l’Orgeval
L'observation long terme en environnement : exemple du bassin versant de l'Orgeval, Editions Quae, pp.145-157, 2013, 978-2-7592-2073-1
hal-00619530v1  Book sections
Alexandre C. M. CorreiaJacques Laskar. Tidal Evolution of Exoplanets
edited by S. Seager. Exoplanets, Tucson, AZ : University of Arizona Press, pp. 239-266, 2010
bioemco-00353824v1  Book sections
Luc AbbadieJean-Christophe LataVirginie Tavernier. The impact of graminaceous perennials on a rare resource : nitrogen
Ch. Floret & R. Pontanier (Eds.). The impact of graminaceous perennials on a rare resource : nitrogen, John Libbey Eurotext, pp.189-193, 2000, Volume 1
hal-02566620v1  Book sections
Roseli PellensDaniel P FaithPhilippe Grandcolas. The Future of Phylogenetic Systematics in Conservation Biology: Linking Biodiversity and Society
Biodiversity Conservation and Phylogenetic Systematics - Preserving our evolutionary heritage in an extinction crisis, pp.375-383, 2016, ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-22461-9_19⟩
hal-02825192v1  Book sections
B.G. DrakeDaniel Rasse. The effects of elevated CO2 on plants: Photosynthesis, transpiration, primary production, and biodiversity
Climate change and biodiversity: Synergistic impacts, 4, Conservation International, 2003, Advances in Applied Biodiversity Science, 1-881173-74-7
hal-01250932v1  Book sections
Gibson, RN and Atkinson, RJA and Gordon, JDM. OCEANOGRAPHY AND MARINE BIOLOGY: AN ANNUAL REVIEW, VOL 48, 48, CRC PRESS-TAYLOR & FRANCIS GROUP, pp.213-265, 2010, Oceanography and Marine Biology, 978-1-4398-2116-9
hal-00119100v1  Book sections
F. GrandjeanN. GouinP. KeithP. NoelH. Persat et al.  Systematics and Phylogeny of freshwater crayfich, with particular reference to historical biogeography of Europe
Atlas of crayfish in Europe, Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, pp.11-23, 2006
halsde-00934248v1  Book sections
Ina ReicheEmilie Chalmin. Synchrotron Methods: Color in Paints and Minerals
Treatrise in geochemistry, Thure Cerling, pp. 209-239, 2014
hal-00671722v1  Book sections
Serge CassenAgnès BaltzerAndré LorinJ. FournierDominique Sellier. Submarine Neolithic stone rows near Carnac (Morbihan), France: preliminary results from acoustic and underwater survey
J. Benjamin and C. Bonsall and C. Pickard and A. Fischer. Submerged Prehistory, Oxbow Books, pp.99-110, 2012, 9781842174180
hal-02293391v1  Book sections
P.T. NguyenC. LopezC. BonnotG. VarraultM. Benedetti et al.  Study of the optical properties of dissolved organic matter in the Seine river catchment (France)
Functions of Natural Organic Matter in Changing Environment, 9789400756342, pp.219--223, 2013, ⟨10.1007/978-94-007-5634-2_39⟩
hal-00151357v1  Book sections
Alain WeillChristine GuérinDanièle HauserHélène Dupuis. Stereo-photography techniques.
D. Hauser, K. Kahma, H. Krogstad, S. Monbaliu, S. Lehner et L. Wyatt. Measuring and Analysing the directional spectrum of ocean waves., European Union, pp.106-115, 2005, EUR 21367
hal-01023379v1  Book sections
Edwige VannierOdile TaconetRichard DusséauxOlivier Chimi Chiadjeu. Statistical Characterization of Bare Soil Surface Microrelief
Maged Marghany. Advanced Geoscience Remote Sensing, InTech, Chapitre 9: pp. 207-228, 2014, ISBN: 978-953-51-1581-6. ⟨10.5772/57244⟩
bioemco-00136542v1  Book sections
Jacques GignouxIsabelle DajozJacques DurandLisa GarnierMichel Veuille. Spatial pattern, dynamics, and reproductive biology of the grass community
Luc Abbadie, Jacques Gignoux, Xavier Le Roux, Michel Lepage. 2007, Ecological studies 179
hal-02080796v1  Book sections
Javier Castro-JiménezNaiara BerrojalbizLaurance MejanelleJordi Dachs. Sources, Transport and Deposition of Atmospheric Organic Pollutants in the Mediterranean Sea
In Occurrence, Fate and Impact of Atmospheric Pollutants on Environmental and Human Health; McConnell, L., et al.; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 2013., pp.231-260, 2013, ⟨10.1021/bk-2013-1149.ch011⟩
hal-00421813v1  Book sections
Christophe BenechAlbert Hesse. Some Considerations on the Integration of Geophysical Data into Archaeological Research
Internationale Archäologie Naturwissenshaft und Technologie. Geophysik und Ausgrabung. Einsatz und Auswertung zerstörungsfreier Prospektion in der Archäologie, Verlag Marie Leidorf GmbH, Rahden, pp.175-186, 2007, Band 6
bioemco-00454599v1  Book sections
Jean-Pierre Montoroi. Sols salés et environnement
M.C. Girard, C. Walter, J.C. Rémy, J. Berthelin, J.L. Morel. Sols et Environnement, Dunod, Paris, pp.608-627, 2005
hal-00363088v1  Book sections
Harold Levrel. Six biosphere reserves to build together
Biosphere reserves. Technical notes, Man and Nature. Making the relationship last. (3-2008), UNESCO Edition, pp.78-79, 2008, Man and Nature. Making the relationship last
hal-01256691v1  Book sections
Julio GoncalvesPierre Marie AdlerPhilippe CosenzaAliaksei PazdniakouGhislain De Marsily. Semipermeable Membrane Properties and Chemo-mechanical Coupling in Clay Barriers
Natural and Engineered Clay Barriers, pp.269-327, 2015, Natural and Engineered Clay Barriers
hal-02840241v1  Book sections
Jean-Pierre WigneronPhilippe WaldteufelAndre ChanzyJ.-C. CalvetOlivier Marloie et al.  Retrieval capabilities of L-Band 2-D interferometric radiometry over land surfaces (SMOS Mission)
Microwave radiometry remote sensing earth's surface atmosphere, VSP, 2000, 90-6764-318-1