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The Atmospheric Momentum Budget over a major mountain range : first results of the PYREX field program

Philippe Bougeault , A. Jansa , Jean-Luc Attié , I. Beau , B. Benech et al.
Annales Geophysicae, 1993, 11, pp.395-418
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Cross-hemispheric transport of central African biomass burning pollutants: implications for downwind ozone production

Elsa Real , E. Orlandi , Kathy S. Law , Federico Fierli , Damien Josset et al.
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2010, 10 (6), pp.3027-3046. ⟨10.5194/acp-10-3027-2010⟩
Journal articles hal-00410675v1
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3-D evaluation of tropospheric ozone simulations by an ensemble of regional Chemistry Transport Model

Denis Zyryanov , Gilles Foret , Maxime Eremenko , Matthias Beekmann , Jean-Pierre Cammas et al.
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2012, 12, pp.3219-3240. ⟨10.5194/acp-12-3219-2012⟩
Journal articles ineris-00961777v1
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The project ChArMEx - Chemistry Aerosol Mediterranean Experiment.

François Dulac , Marc Mallet , Jean-Luc Attié , G. Athier , Gilles Bergametti et al.
IGAC 2008 : 10ème conférence internationale sur la chimie de l’atmosphère, Sep 2008, Annecy, France
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Chemical and aerosol characterisation of the troposphere over West Africa during the monsoon period as part of AMMA

C. E. Reeves , P. Formenti , Charbel Afif , Gérard Ancellet , Jean-Luc Attié et al.
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2010, 10 (16), pp.7575-7601. ⟨10.5194/acp-10-7575-2010⟩
Journal articles hal-00469942v1

Quality control of altitude ozone measurements during the ESCOMPTE campaign and combined long term Lidar, Sodar and ground based measurements for photochemical model parameterization and validation

S. Sowinsky , C. Allet , Gérard Ancellet , Pierre Durand , E. Gizard et al.
21. International Laser Radar Conference, Jul 2002, Québec, Canada
Conference papers ineris-00969805v1
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Overview of the Dust and Biomass-burning Experiment and African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis Special Observing Period-0

Jim M. Haywood , Jacques Pelon , Paola Formenti , N. Bharmal , M. Brooks et al.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 2008, 113 (D23), pp.D00C17. ⟨10.1029/2008JD010077⟩
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PYREX: A Summary of Findings

P. Bougeault , B. Benech , P. Bessemoulin , B. Carissimo , A. Jansa Clar et al.
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 1997, 78 (4), pp.637-650. ⟨10.1175/1520-0477(1997)078<0637:PASOF>2.0.CO;2⟩
Journal articles insu-03595825v1
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Observation of low-level wind reversals in the Gulf of Lion area and their impact on the water vapour variability

Paolo Di Girolamo , Cyrille Flamant , Marco Cacciani , Evelyne Richard , Véronique Ducrocq et al.
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 2016, 142 (S1), pp.153-172. ⟨10.1002/qj.2767⟩
Journal articles insu-01275554v1
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Trends in anthropogenic emissions from 1960 to 2015

Claire Granier , El Hadji Thierno Doumbia , Louise Granier , Katerina Sindelarova , Cathy Liousse et al.
2017 International Emission Inventory Conference “Applying Science and Streamlining Processes to Improve Inventories”, Aug 2017, Baltimore, United States
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Sediment dispersal from a typical Mediterranean flood: The Têt River, Gulf of Lions

François Bourrin , Patrick L Friend , Carl L Amos , Eleonora Manca , Caroline Ulses et al.
Continental Shelf Research, 2008, 28 (15), pp.1895-1910. ⟨10.1016/j.csr.2008.06.005⟩
Journal articles hal-00519751v1
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LOAC: a small aerosol optical counter/sizer for ground-based and balloon measurements of the size distribution and nature of atmospheric particles – Part 2: First results from balloon and unmanned aerial vehicle flights

Jean-Baptiste Renard , François Dulac , Gwenaël Berthet , Thibaut Lurton , Damien Vignelles et al.
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 2016, 9, pp.3673 - 3686. ⟨10.5194/amt-9-3673-2016⟩
Journal articles insu-01396192v1
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Retrieval of MetOp-A/IASI CO profiles and validation with MOZAIC data

E. de Wachter , Brice Barret , E. Le Flochmoën , E. Pavelin , M. Matricardi et al.
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 2012, 5 (11), pp.2843-2857. ⟨10.5194/amt-5-2843-2012⟩
Journal articles hal-00695436v1

Advances in the understanding of convective processes and precipitation over low-mountain regions through the Convective and Orographically-induced Precipitation Study (COPS)

V. Wulfmeyer , Cyrille Flamant , A. Behrendt , A. Blyth , A. Brown et al.
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 2011, 137 (S1), pp.1-2. ⟨10.1002/qj.799⟩
Journal articles hal-00572464v1
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Scavenging of aerosol particles by rain in a cloud resolving model

S. Berthet , M. Leriche , Jean-Pierre Pinty , J. Cuesta , G. Pigeon et al.
Atmospheric Research, 2010, 96 (2-3), pp.325-336. ⟨10.1016/j.atmosres.2009.09.015⟩
Journal articles hal-00519461v1

Intercomparison of Global Estimates of CO Emissions Derived from Satellite-Based Burnt Biomass Products

P. A. Brivio , C. Zambrano , J.-M. Grégoire , C. Liousse , D. Stroppiana et al.
Proceedings of the 33rd International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment (ISRSE), 2009, Stresa, Italy. p
Conference papers hal-00671282v1

Mesoscale modelling of dust emissions over the Sahel associated with the West African Monsoon intertropical discontinuity

Diana Bou Karam , Cyrille Flamant , Pierre Tulet , Jean-Pierre Chaboureau
EGU General Assembly 2008, Apr 2008, Vienna, Austria
Conference papers hal-00326824v1
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CO measurements from the ACE-FTS satellite instrument: data analysis and validation using ground-based, airborne and spaceborne observations

Cathy Clerbaux , Maya George , Solène Turquety , K. A. Walker , Brice Barret et al.
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 2007, 7 (5), pp.15277-15340
Journal articles hal-00328240v1
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Impact of land convection on troposphere-stratosphere exchange in the tropics

P. Ricaud , Brice Barret , Jean-Luc Attié , E. Le Flochmoën , Erwan Motte et al.
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 2007, 7 (2), pp.3269-3300. ⟨10.5194/acpd-7-3269-2007⟩
Journal articles hal-00328048v1

Ozone and precursor distributions in the plumes of West African Cities

Gérard Ancellet , Jimmy Leclair de Bellevue , Céline Mari , Patrick Nédélec , P. Perros et al.
IGAC 2008 : 10e conférence internationale sur la chimie de l’atmosphère, Sep 2008, Annecy, France
Conference papers hal-00330640v1
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Initiation of daytime local convection in a semi-arid region analysed with high-resolution simulations and AMMA observations

Fleur Couvreux , Catherine Rio , Francoise Guichard , Marie Lothon , Guylaine Canut et al.
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 2012, 138 (662), pp.56-71. ⟨10.1002/qj.903⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00999927v1
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Quality Assessment of the First Measurements of Tropospheric Water Vapor and Temperature by the HAMSTRAD Radiometer Over Concordia Station, Antarctica

P. Ricaud , Fabien Carminati , Jean-Luc Attié , Yann Courcoux , Thomas Rose et al.
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 2013, 51 (6), pp.3217-3239. ⟨10.1109/TGRS.2012.2225627⟩
Journal articles hal-00864744v1
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Observational Constraints on Cloud Feedbacks: The Role of Active Satellite Sensors

David Winker , Helene Chepfer , Vincent Noel , Xia Cai
Surveys in Geophysics, 2017, 38, pp.1483-1508. ⟨10.1007/s10712-017-9452-0⟩
Journal articles insu-03671654v1
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Explosive growth in African combustion emissions from 2005 to 2030

Catherine Liousse , E. Assamoi , Patrick Criqui , Claire Granier , R. Rosset et al.
Environmental Research Letters, 2014, 9 (3), pp.035003. ⟨10.1088/1748-9326/9/3/035003⟩
Journal articles hal-01317163v1

Numerical modelling of Saharan dust impact on the atmospheric dynamics in the Bodélé depression

Diana Bou Karam , Cyrille Flamant , Pierre Tulet , Jean-Pierre Chaboureau , Richard Washington et al.
European Geosciences Union, EGU General Assembly, Apr 2007, Vienna, Austria
Conference papers hal-00158922v1

Evolution of anthropogenic emissions at the global and regional scale during the past three decades

Claire Granier , B. Bessagnet , T. Bond , Ariela d'Angiola , H. Denier van Der Gon et al.
American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2010, Dec 2010, San Francisco, United States
Conference papers hal-00671784v1

ECCAD : Emissions of Atmospheric Compounds and Compilation of Ancillary Data

C. Darras , Claire Granier , V. Pignot , R. Bodichon , Aude Mieville et al.
11th Science Conference of the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) Project, Jul 2010, Halifax, Canada
Conference papers hal-00672121v1

Impacts of the dust on the West African synoptic components and rainfall in summertime

Christophe Lavaysse , Jean-Pierre Chaboureau , Cyrille Flamant
4th AMMA International Conference, Jun 2012, Toulouse, France
Conference papers hal-00723831v1

Anthropogenic Emissions at the Global and Regional Scale during the Past Three Decades

Claire Granier , Ariela d'Angiola , H. Denier van Der Gon , G. Janssens-Maenhout , Z. Klimont et al.
Proceedings of the 20th International EPA Emission Inventory Conference, Aug 2012, Tampa, United States. pp.Session 9
Conference papers hal-00808683v1

CCN formation by mixing processes between Saharan dust and European pollution aerosols

Nelson Bègue , Pierre Tulet , Greg Roberts , Jacques Pelon , Jean-Pierre Chaboureau et al.
10th EGU General Assembly, Apr 2013, Vienna, Austria. pp.EGU2013--2699
Conference papers hal-00965473v1