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inria-00386299v1  Journal articles
Régis DupontAndreas EngeFrançois Morain. Building curves with arbitrary small MOV degree over finite prime fields
Journal of Cryptology, Springer Verlag, 2005, 18 (2), pp.79-89
inria-00123785v1  Journal articles
Philippe BaptisteClaude Le Pape. Scheduling a Single Machine to Minimize a Regular Objective Function under Setup Constraints
Discrete Optimization, Elsevier, 2005, Discrete Optimization, 2, pp.83--99
hal-00004352v1  Journal articles
Gilles SchaefferPaul Zinn-Justin. On the Asymptotic Number of Plane Curves and Alternating Knots
Experimental Mathematics, Taylor & Francis, 2004, 13, pp.4
inria-00133323v1  Conference papers
Ian Mackie. Encoding Strategies in the Lambda Calculus with Interaction Nets
Implementation and Application of Functional Languages, 17th International Workshop, IFL 2005, Dublin, Ireland, September 19-21, Sep 2005, Dublin, Ireland, pp.19--36, ⟨10.1007/11964681_2⟩
inria-00123562v1  Books
Philippe BaptisteClaude Le PapeWim Nuijten. Constraint-Based Scheduling: Applying Constraint Programming to Scheduling Problems
Kluwer, 2001, International Series in Operations Research and Management Science, 978-0792374084
hal-02320844v1  Conference papers
Abdelkader ChelouahYacine Chitour. Motion planning of rolling surfaces
40th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), Dec 2001, Orlando, United States. pp.502-507
inria-00124176v1  Journal articles
Philippe BaptisteBaruch Schieber. A Note on Scheduling Tall/Small Multiprocessor Tasks with Unit Processing Time to Minimize Maximum Tardiness
Journal of Scheduling, Springer Verlag, 2003, Journal of Scheduling, 6 (4), pp.395--404
inria-00386309v1  Journal articles
Andreas EngeReinhard Schertz. Modular Curves of Composite Level
Acta Arithmetica, Instytut Matematyczny PAN, 2005, 118 (2), pp.129-141
hal-01102041v1  Conference papers
Reynald LercierFrançois Morain. Algorithms for computing isogenies between elliptic curves
Computational Perspectives on Number Theory, 1995, Chicago, United States. pp.77-96
hal-00282877v1  Conference papers
Simon BliudzeDaniel Krob. Towards a Functional Formalism for Modelling Complex Industrial Systems
European Conference on Complex Systems, Nov 2005, Paris, France. pp.163-176, ⟨10.1159/000093688⟩
hal-00283000v1  Conference papers
Simon BliudzeNicolas BillyDaniel Krob. On optimal hybrid ARQ control schemes for HSDPA with 16QAM
International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications (WiMob 2005), Aug 2005, Montreal, Canada. pp.121- 127, ⟨10.1109/WIMOB.2005.1512826⟩
inria-00000626v1  Book sections
Pierrick Gaudry. Chapter 7: Hyperelliptic curves and the HCDLP
I. Blake and G. Seroussi and N. Smart. Advances in Elliptic Curve Cryptography, 317 (317), Cambridge University Press, 2005, London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series
inria-00123795v1  Journal articles
Huy Tran DacPhilippe Baptiste. Airspace sectorization with constraints
RAIRO - Operations Research, EDP Sciences, 2005, 39, pp.105--122
inria-00124163v1  Journal articles
Philippe BaptisteSophie Demassey. Tight LP Bounds for Resource Constrained Project Scheduling
OR Spectrum, Springer Verlag, 2004, OR Spectrum, 26, pp.251--262
inria-00124160v1  Journal articles
Philippe BaptisteMarek ChrobakChristoph DürrJaworNodari Vakhania. Preemptive Scheduling of Equal-Length Jobs to Maximize Weighted Throughput
Operations Research Letters, Elsevier, 2004, Operations Research Letters, 32 (3), pp.258--264
hal-00465084v1  Conference papers
Mireille RegnierLaurent Mouchard. Periods and quasiperiods characterization
11th Conference on Combinatorial Pattern Matching, 2000, France. pp.388-396
hal-02320843v1  Journal articles
Abdelkader ChelouahYacine Chitour. On the motion planning of rolling surfaces
Forum Mathematicum, De Gruyter, 2003, 15 (5), pp.727-758. ⟨10.1515/form.2003.039⟩
hal-00159311v1  Journal articles
Alain GoupilDominique PoulalhonGilles Schaeffer. Katriel's operations for products of conjugacy classes of Sn
Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics / Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics An International Journal, 2005, 21 (2), pp.137-146
hal-00159488v1  Book sections
Dominique PoulalhonGilles Schaeffer. Counting, coding and sampling with words
Jean Berstel, Dominique Perrin. Applied combinatorics on words, Cambridge University Press, pp.478-519, 2005, M. Lothaire, volume 3. Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications, volume 105
hal-00019884v1  Journal articles
Enrica DuchiGilles Schaeffer. A combinatorial approach to jumping particles
Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, Elsevier, 2005, 110(1), pp.1-29
inria-00124173v1  Journal articles
Philippe Baptiste. On Minimizing the Weighted Number of Late Jobs in Unit Execution Time Open-Shops
European Journal of Operational Research, Elsevier, 2003, European Journal of Operational Research, 149, pp.344--354
hal-02350531v1  Journal articles
Joris van der Hoeven. Fast evaluation of holonomic functions
Theoretical Computer Science, Elsevier, 1999, 210 (1), pp.199-215. ⟨10.1016/s0304-3975(98)00102-9⟩
inria-00133311v1  Journal articles
Ian Mackie. An Interaction Net Implementation of Additive and Multiplicative Structures
Journal of Logic and Computation, Oxford University Press (OUP), 2005, Journal of Logic and Computation, 15 (2), pp.219--237
inria-00123801v1  Journal articles
Philippe BaptisteVadim Timkovsky. Shortest path to nonpreemptive schedules of unit-time jobs on two identical parallel machines with minimum total completion time
Mathematical Methods of Operations Research, Springer Verlag, 2004, Mathematical Methods of Operations Research (ZOR), 60 (1), pp.145--153
inria-00133315v1  Journal articles
Ian MackieMaribel Fern{Á}ndezFrançois-Régis Sinot. Lambda-Calculus with Director Strings
Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing, Springer Verlag, 2005, Journal of Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing, 15 (6), pp.393--437