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hal-01219885v1  Conference papers
Luiz Paulo Sales SilvaDidier DalmazzoneMoncef StambouliAnne-Laure LesortPhilippe Arpentinier et al.  Pase equilibria for semiclathrate hydrate formed with CH4, CO2 and CH4+CO2 gas mixture in presence of tetrabutylphosphonium bromide and tributylphosphine oxide
10th European Congress of Chemical Engineering - ECCE Nice 2015, European Federation of Chemical Engineering, Sep 2015, Nice, France
hal-01179902v1  Conference papers
Wei LinDidier DalmazzoneWalter FürstAnthony DelahayeLaurence Fournaison. Thermodynamic studies of CO2 - TBAB - water system
7th International Conference on Gas Hydrates (ICGH 2011), Jul 2011, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. pp.6
hal-01352755v1  Conference papers
Jean-Michel HerriAmina BouchemouaAna Alexandra CameiraoYamina OuabbasMatthias Kwaterski et al.  Capture du CO2 par voie Hydrate : résultats de l'ANR SECOHYA
Société Française de Génie des Procédés : Des procédés au service du produit au coeur de l'Europe, 2011, Lille, France
hal-01256465v1  Poster communications
Zhewei YuLomig HamonPascaline PreJohnny DeschampsDidier Dalmazzone et al.  Soft synthesis of MIL-101(Cr) for hydrogen storage by adsorption
3emes Journées Scientifiques de l'Association Française de l'Adsorption, Feb 2014, Paris, France
hal-01219246v1  Conference papers
Christine DalmazzoneBenjamin HerzhaftRousseau LionelP. Le ParlouerDidier Dalmazzone. Prediction of Gas Hydrates Formation With DSC Technique
2003 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Oct 2003, Denver, Colorado, United States
hal-01219171v1  Conference papers
Benoît FouconnierYannick ManissolDidier DalmazzoneDanièle Clausse. Determination of Trichlorofluoromethane Hydrate Dissociation Energy Using the Shell Model
7èmes Journées Européennes de Thermodynamique Contemporaine, Aug 2001, Mons, Belgium
hal-01011663v1  Conference papers
Zhewei YuLomig HamonPascaline PreJohnny DeschampDidier Dalmazzone et al.  Metal organic framework MIL-101(Cr) for hydrogen storage by adsorption
10th International Symposium on the Characterization of Porous Solids, May 2014, Grenade, Spain
hal-01179806v1  Conference papers
Luiz Paulo Sales SilvaDidier DalmazzoneWalter FürstMoncef StambouliAnne-Laure Lesort et al.  Study of a hydrate-based process for the purification of biogas constituents
8th International Conference on Gas Hydrates, Jul 2014, Beijing, China. pp.7
hal-01218017v1  Conference papers
Didier DalmazzoneChristine DalmazzoneBenjamin Herzhaft. Differential Scanning Calorimetry: A New Technique to Characterize Hydrate Formation in Drilling Muds
2000 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Society of Petroleum Engineers, Oct 2000, Dallas, Texas, United States
hal-01218036v1  Conference papers
Didier DalmazzoneJohnny Deschamps. High pressure DSC study of mixed semi-clathrate hydrates of tetra-n-butylammonium bromide and CO2, N2 and (CO2 + N2) and ( CO2 + CH4) mixtures
9th Mediterranean Conference on Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis (MEDICTA 2009), Jun 2009, Marseille, France
hal-01219893v1  Conference papers
Amir Abbas Armand KarimiDidier Dalmazzone. Analyse calorimétrique différentielle des hydrates de gaz dans les mélanges propane + hydrogène et dioxyde de carbone + hydrogène
44èmes Journées de Calorimétrie et d’Analyse Thermique, Association Française de Calorimétrie et d'Analyse Thermique, May 2013, Lyon, France
hal-01552769v1  Book sections
Didier DalmazzoneLuiz Paulo Sales SilvaAnthony DelahayeLaurence Fournaison. Calorimetric Characterization of Clathrate and Semiclathrate Hydrates
Daniel Broseta, Livio Ruffine, and Arnaud Desmedt. Gas Hydrates 1, Wiley-ISTE, pp.302, 2017, Energy Series, 978-1-84821-969-4
hal-01219234v1  Conference papers
María-Carmen MartinezSandrine MarinhasAnthony DelahayeLaurence FournaisonDidier Dalmazzone et al.  Effect of THF on CO2 hydrates applied to refrigeration process
7th Conference on Phase-Change Materials and Slurries, Sep 2006, Dinan, France