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Σ-Δ Background Subtraction and the Zipf Law

Antoine Manzanera
Progress in Pattern Recognition, Image Analysis and Applications (CIARP'07), Nov 2007, Viña del Mar-Valparaíso, Chile. ⟨10.1007/978-3-540-76725-1_5⟩
Conference papers hal-01222660v1

β-Lactam Synthesis through Diodomethane Addition to Amide Dianions

Laurent El Kaim , Aurélie dos Santos , Marie Cordier , Alaa Zidan , Julian Garrec et al.
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2017, 56 (40), pp.12179 - 12183. ⟨10.1002/anie.201706315⟩
Journal articles hal-01664662v1
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Zubov's equation for state-constrained perturbed nonlinear systems

Lars Grüne , Hasnaa Zidani
Mathematical Control and Related Fields, 2015, 5 (1), pp.55-71. ⟨10.3934/mcrf.2015.5.55⟩
Journal articles hal-00931028v1

Zone grise d'emploi, pouvoir de l'employeur et espace public : une illustration à partir du cas Uber

Christian Azaïs , Patrick Dieuaide , Donna Kesselman
Relations Industrielles / Industrial Relations, 2017, vol. 72 (n° 3), pp. 433-456. ⟨10.7202/1041092ar⟩
Journal articles hal-01970074v1
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Zero-calibration BMIs for sequential tasks using error-related potentials

Jonathan Grizou , Iñaki Iturrate , Luis Montesano , Manuel Lopes , Pierre-Yves Oudeyer et al.
IROS 2013 Workshop on Neuroscience and Robotics, Nov 2013, Tokyo, Japan
Conference papers hal-00872484v1

Z-scan résolu en temps et autres méthodes de détection liées à des variations d'indice

Jean Etchepare , Olivier Albert
Salin, François and Laporte, Pierre. Systèmes femtosecondes, 1, PUSE-MRCT-CNRS, pp.257-268, 2001, Intégrations [des savoirs et savoir-faire], 2-86272-210-3
Book sections hal-01473503v1

Yersinia pestis genotyping.

Gilles Vergnaud
Emerging Infectious Diseases, 2005, 11 (8), 1317-8; author reply 1318-9
Journal articles hal-01158314v1

Yb:CaF2 regenerative amplifier for broadband seed

Sandrine Ricaud , Frédéric Druon , Dimitris N. Papadopoulos , Patrice Camy , Jean-Louis Doualan et al.
HEC DPSSL, Sep 2010, Versailles, France
Conference papers hal-00622987v1

Yb:CaF2 laser at cryogenic temperature

Sandrine Ricaud , Dimitris N. Papadopoulos , Patrice Camy , Jean-Louis Doualan , Richard Moncorgé et al.
CLEO/Europe-EQEC Conference, May 2011, x, Germany
Conference papers hal-00588877v1

Yb:CaF2 diode-pumped regenerative amplifier : study and optimization of pulse duration versus repetition rate

Sandrine Ricaud , Frédéric Druon , Dimitris N. Papadopoulos , Patrice Camy , Jean-Louis Doualan et al.
ICUIL, Oct 2010, x, United States
Conference papers hal-00622985v1

Yb-doped ultrafastsolid state lasers

Dimitris N. Papadopoulos , Frédéric Druon , Patrick Georges
SPIE Photonics West: solid state lasers XX: technology and devices, Jan 2011, San Francisco, United States. pp.79120Q
Conference papers hal-00565263v1

Yb-doped fluorides for high power and short‐pulse laser applications

Frédéric Druon , Sandrine Ricaud , Dimitris N. Papadopoulos , Alain Pellegrina , Marc Hanna et al.
Advances in Optical Materials, Feb 2011, x, Turkey
Conference papers hal-00565254v1
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XLiFE++: a FEM/BEM multipurpose library

Nicolas Kielbasiewicz , Éric Lunéville
NUMELEC 2017 - 9ème Conférence Européenne sur les Méthodes Numériques en Electromagnétisme, Nov 2017, Paris, France. pp.1
Conference poster hal-01737555v1

X-UV chirped mirror fabrication for phase control of attosecond pulses

Anne-Sophie Morlens , Marie-Françoise Ravet-Krill , Vincent Laude , Rodrigo B. Lopez-Martens , Marc Roulliay et al.
Optical Design and Engineering II,, 2005, x, France. pp.260-269
Conference papers hal-00096078v1
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X-SEA-F-SPIDER characterization of over octave spanning pulses in the infrared range

G. Fan , T. Balčiūnas , C. Fourcade-Dutin , Stefan Haessler , A. Voronin et al.
Optics Express, 2016, 24 (12), pp.1614-1617. ⟨10.1364/OE.24.012713⟩
Journal articles hal-01634502v1

X-ray spectroscopy diagnostic of a plasma produced by femtosecond laser pulses irradiating a cluster target

I. Y. Skobelev , A. Y. Faenov , A. I. Magunov , T. A. Pikuz , A. S. Boldarev et al.
Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics (JETP) / Zhurnal Eksperimental'noi i Teoreticheskoi Fiziki, 2002, 94 (5), pp.966-976
Journal articles hal-01561912v1

X-ray spectromicroscopy of clusters heated by fs laser radiation

A. Y. Faenov , A. I. Magunov , T. A. Pikuz , I. Y. Skobelev , F. Blasco et al.
Bianconi, A. and Marcelli, A. and Saini, N. L. X-Ray and Inner-Shell Processes, 652, pp.404-414, 2003, AIP Conference Proceedings
Book sections hal-01561900v1

X-ray radiation properties of clusters heated by fs laser pulses

A. Y. Faenov , I. Y. Skobelev , A. I. Magunov , T. A. Pikuz , J. Abdallah et al.
Kyrala, G. A. and Gauthier, J. C. J. Applications of X Rays Generated from Lasers and Other Bright Sources Ii, 4504, pp.121-132, 2001, Proceedings of the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (Spie)
Book sections hal-01561920v1

X-Ray Radiation from Nonlinear Thomson Scattering of an Intense Femtosecond Laser on Relativistic Electrons in a Helium Plasma

Kim Ta Phuoc , Antoine Rousse , M. Pittman , Jean-Philippe Rousseau , Victor Malka et al.
Physical Review Letters, 2003, 91 (19), pp.195001. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevLett.91.195001⟩
Journal articles hal-00517128v1
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X-ray phase imaging based on Hartmann Wavefront Sensor for applications on the study of neurodegenerative diseases

Ginevra Begani Provinciali
Imaging. Institut Polytechnique de Paris, 2022. English. ⟨NNT : 2022IPPAE004⟩
Theses tel-03670415v1
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X-ray phase contrast tomography for the investigation of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Ginevra Begani Provinciali , Nicola Pieroni , Inna Bukreeva , Michela Fratini , Lorenzo Massimi et al.
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 2020, 27 (4), pp.1042-1048. ⟨10.1107/S1600577520006785⟩
Journal articles hal-02940443v1

X-ray phase contrast imaging of biological samples using a betatron X-ray source generated in a laser wakefield accelerator

U. Chaulagain , K. Bohacek , Jaroslav Nejdl , Krus, M. , Horny V. et al.
Conference on Laser Acceleration of Electrons, Protons, and Ions, Apr 2017, Prague, Czech Republic
Conference papers hal-01599354v1

X-ray emission from laser-accelerated electrons and its use as diagnostic of laser-plasma interaction

Sébastien Corde , Cédric Thaury , Kim Ta Phuoc , Agustin Lifschitz , Rémi Lehe et al.
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), Jun 2014, San Jose, CA, United States. ⟨10.1364/CLEO_AT.2014.JTh3L.1⟩
Conference papers hal-01402126v1

X-ray diagnostics of fast electrons propagation in high density plasmas obtained by cylindrical compression

B. Vauzour , M. Koenig , D. Batani , S. Baton , F. N. Beg et al.
Sixth International Conference on Inertial Fusion Sciences and Applications, Parts 1-4, 244, 2010, Journal of Physics Conference Series
Book sections hal-01561865v1

X-ray Chirped Pulse Amplification: towards GW Soft X-ray Lasers

Philippe Zeitoun , Eduardo Oliva , Thi Le , David Ros , Stéphane Sebban et al.
Applied Sciences (Bucureş.., 2013, 3 (3), pp.581 - 592. ⟨10.3390/app3030581⟩
Journal articles hal-01401239v1

X-ray absorption for the study of warm dense matter

A. Levy , F. Dorchies , M. Harmand , C. Fourment , S. Hulin et al.
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 2009, 51 (12)
Journal articles hal-01561872v1

X absorption near threshold (XANES, EXAFS) for the study of dense and warm matter

M. Harmand , C. Fourment , S. Hulin , J. J. Santos , O. Peyrusse et al.
Jacquemot, S. and Klisnick, A. and Ruchon, T. pp.71-76, 2008, Uvx 2008: 9e Colloque Sur Les Sources Coherentes Et Incoherentes Uv, Vuv Et X; Applications Et Developpements Recents
Books hal-01561880v1

Writing of permanent birefringent microlayers in bulk fused silica with femtosecond laser pulses

Lionel Sudrie , Michel A. Franco , Bernard Prade , André Mysyrowicz
Optics Communications, 1999, 171 (4), pp.279-284. ⟨10.1016/S0030-4018(99)00562-3⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00465592v1

Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis of Predicated Architectures

Florian Brandner , Naji Amine
Workshop on Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis, Jun 2017, Dubrovnik, Croatia. pp.1-13, ⟨10.4230/OASIcs.WCET.2017.6⟩
Conference papers hal-02288493v1

Wood's anomalies for arrays of dielectric scatterers

Agnès Maurel , Simon Félix , Jean-François Mercier , Abdelwaheb Ourir , Zine Eddine Djeffal et al.
Journal of the European Optical Society : Rapid publications, 2014, 9, pp.14001. ⟨10.2971/jeos.2014.14001⟩
Journal articles hal-01116493v1

Wireless communications systems

Michel Terré , Bernhard Walke , Luis M. Correia , Alain Sibille
Annals of Telecommunications - annales des télécommunications, 2008, 63 (5-6), pp.237-238. ⟨10.1007/s12243-008-0041-6⟩
Journal articles istex hal-00847912v1
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Wind-Forced Submesoscale Symmetric Instability around Deep Convection in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea

Anthony Bosse , Pierre Testor , Pierre Damien , Claude Estournel , Patrick Marsaleix et al.
Fluids, 2021, 6 (3), pp.123. ⟨10.3390/fluids6030123⟩
Journal articles hal-03199242v1
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Wind Turbine Noise Modelling Based on Amiet's Theory

Yuan Tian , Benjamin Cotté , Antoine Chaigne
5th International Meeting on Wind Turbine Noise, Aug 2013, Denver, CO, United States. CD-ROM proceedings
Conference papers hal-00975237v1
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Wind turbine noise modeling: prediction of amplitude modulation and influence of atmospheric conditions

Yuan Tian , Benjamin Cotté , Antoine Chaigne
Forum Acusticum, Sep 2014, Krakow, Poland
Conference papers hal-01206964v1
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Wind Turbine Noise Modeling Based on Amiet's Theory: Effects of Wind Shear and Atmospheric Turbulence

Yuan Tian , Benjamin Cotté
Acta Acustica united with Acustica, 2016, 102 (4), pp.626-639. ⟨10.3813/AAA.918979⟩
Journal articles hal-01356102v1
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Wind farm cable layout optimization with constraints of load flow and robustness

Cédric Bentz , Marie-Christine Costa , Pierre-Louis Poirion , Thomas Ridremont , Camille Zakour et al.
ICREEE 2020: International Conference on Renewable Energy and Environment Engineering, Dec 2020, Tokyo (on line), Japan
Conference papers hal-02967066v1

Wiedemann-Steiner syndrome as a major cause of syndromic intellectual disability: A study of 33 French cases

S. Baer , A. Afenjar , T. Smol , A. Piton , B. Gérard et al.
Clinical Genetics, 2018, 94 (1), pp.141-152. ⟨10.1111/cge.13254⟩
Journal articles hal-02393652v1
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Why Don't We Move Slower? The Value of Time in the Neural Control of Action

Bastien Berret , Frédéric Jean
Journal of Neuroscience, 2016, 36 (4), pp.1056-1070. ⟨10.1523/JNEUROSCI.1921-15.2016⟩
Journal articles hal-01263658v1

Why do you think this joke told by robot is funny? The humor style matters

Heng Zhang , Chuang Yu , Adriana Tapus
2022 31st IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN), Aug 2022, Napoli, Italy. pp.572-577, ⟨10.1109/RO-MAN53752.2022.9900515⟩
Conference papers hal-03828022v1
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Whom Will an Intrinsically Motivated Robot Learner Choose to Imitate from?

Sao Mai Nguyen , Pierre-Yves Oudeyer
Post-Graduate Conference on Robotics and Development of Cognition: RobotDoC-PhD 2012, Sep 2012, Lausanne, Switzerland
Conference papers hal-00762762v1

Whole life cycle of femtosecond ultraviolet filaments in water

Amélie Jarnac , Gintaras Tamosauskas , Donatas Majus , Aurélien Houard , André Mysyrowicz et al.
Physical Review A : Atomic, molecular, and optical physics, 2014, 89, pp.033809. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevA.89.033809⟩
Journal articles hal-01118152v1

White-Light Filaments for Atmospheric Analysis

Jérôme Kasparian , Miguel Rodríguez , Guillaume Méjean , Jin Yu , Estelle Salmon et al.
Science, 2003, 301 (5629), pp.61-64. ⟨10.1126/science.1085020⟩
Journal articles hal-00463648v1
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When sharing computer science with everyone also helps avoiding digital prejudices

Marie Duflot , Martin Quinson , Florent Masseglia , Didier Roy , Julien Vaubourg et al.
SCRATCH, Aug 2015, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Conference papers hal-01154767v1

When and where are Mediterranean heavy rain events sensitive to atmosphere-ocean coupled processes?

S. Berthou , S. Mailler , Philippe Drobinski , Thomas Arsouze , Sophie Bastin et al.
8th HyMeX Workshop, Sep 2014, La Valletta, Malta. pp.Th1.7
Conference papers insu-01141296v1

When " vertically integrated markets " becomes " augmented markets

Richard Le Goff , Jonathan Bainée
88th Annual Conference - Western Economic Association International, Western Economic Association International, Jun 2013, Seattle, United States
Conference papers hal-01212548v1

When 'Vertically Integrated Markets' Transform into 'Augmented Markets

Richard Le Goff , Jonathan Bainée
88th Annual Conference of the Western Economic Association, 2013, Seattle, United States
Conference papers hal-00980384v1

Wheel Slip Balance Based Anti-Slip Regulation on Dissymmetric road Grip

Atheupe Gaël , Rayavalasa Sreekanth , Sivaramakrishan Arrvind , Ken Bordignon , Bruno Monsuez et al.
In Proceedings of the Eighth Indian Control Conference (ICC), Dec 2022, Madras, India
Conference papers hal-03832940v1

What structuring of technological knowledge bases to be a defence company ? An empirical analisys of majors R&D firms

Cécile Fauconnet , François-Xavier Meunier
Annual conference of Eastern Economic Association, Feb 2019, New York, United States
Conference papers hal-02134265v1
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What induced the exceptional 2005 convection event in the northwestern Mediterranean basin? Answers from a modeling study.

Marine Herrmann , Jonathan Beuvier , Florence Sevault , Samuel Somot
Journal of Geophysical Research. Oceans, 2010, 115 (C12051), pp.19. ⟨10.1029/2010JC006162⟩
Journal articles istex insu-00562572v1
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What do we learn about development from baby robots?

Pierre-Yves Oudeyer
Other publications hal-01107240v1