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hal-01211543v1  Conference papers
Satya-Lekh Proag. Curbing air pollution in Paris as the French capital goes electric : from cost-benefit analysis to CoBAYe decision-making tool
VI AERNA Conference – European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, Universitat de Girona, Sep 2014, Girona, Spain
hal-01211545v1  Poster communications
Satya-Lekh Proag. CoBAYe as a collaborative decision-making tool for interdependent and uncertain issues : application to climate change
European Climate Change Adaptation Conference, May 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark. 2015
hal-01211535v1  Conference papers
Satya-Lekh ProagJonathan Bainée. Deployment of an electric charging point network infrastructure in Paris : an economic analysis via CoBAYe
22nd International Colloquium of GERPISA: Old and new spaces of the automotive industry: towards a new balance?, GERPISA, Jun 2014, Kyoto, Japan
hal-01211541v1  Conference papers
Satya-Lekh ProagJonathan Bainée. Removable battery packs to remove air pollution in Paris : economic evaluation through the CoBAYe decision-making tool
2nd International Conference on Project Evaluation (ICOPEV 2014), University of Minho, Jun 2014, Guimaraes, Portugal
hal-01211549v1  Conference papers
Satya-Lekh Proag. Cable Transportation as a means of Energy and Environment transition in Paris : a socio-economic assessment via CoBAYe
International Conference on Energy and Economics (ICEE 2015), University of Minho, Jun 2015, Guimaraes, Portugal
hal-01211520v1  Conference papers
Satya-Lekh Proag. Curbing air pollution in Paris : a comparative analysis of the ‘Low Emission Zones’
POLIS working group on Transport and Health : Active Travel and Healthy Urban Environments, POLIS - European Union, Oct 2012, Bruxelles, Belgium
hal-01211526v1  Conference papers
Satya-Lekh Proag. Evaluation d’une politique et mise au point d’une méthodologie supplémentant le calcul du "Net Social Benefit
Séminaire Economie des Institutions 12-18 de l’Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Mar 2013, Paris, France