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Filamentation Developmental robotics Gas hydrates COHERENT Backward stochastic differential equations Energy Éléments finis ABSORBING LAYERS ÉQUATION DES ONDES Laser-plasma accelerator Chassis Systems Simulation Modeling Contrôle optimal State constraints Electron beams Stability Nonlinear vibrations Maxwell's equations Goal babbling Machine learning Curiosity GENERATION Intrinsic Motivation Plasma Plasma physics Exploration Development Finite elements BEAM Optimisation Terahertz Robotics Finite element method CO2 Fatigue Dirichlet processes Numerical simulation Spectral theory Waveguide Helmholtz equation Shape memory alloys Calculus via regularization Economics Urban Planning Ultrafast optics Plasma accelerators Vision Femtoseconde Plasma simulation Théorie de la dominance économique Cornea Laser femtoseconde Attoseconde Infinite dimensional analysis Damage T-coercivity Error estimates Stabilité Drag reduction Self-organization Stochastic optimal control Territoire Active Learning Mediterranean Sea Education Filamentation laser Robotique Optique non-linéaire DSC Optimal control Periodic media Intrinsic motivation Wave equation Electron acceleration Fluid-structure interaction Excitons Control Allocation Gradient damage models Optimization Learning Commerce international Hamilton-Jacobi equations Elastodynamics Femtosecond laser Asymptotic analysis Modélisation Environment Plasma production by laser Wave propagation High-speed optical techniques Femtosecond Homogenization Active learning Electron Plasma light propagation Laser Maxwell equations Nonlinear optics Sadco

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